Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good Morning, Friends!

We have been having a steady amount of rain since this Saturday past, and visitors to the Court, such as the young fellow spending some time at Our Gates with HRH Queen Emily have not had opportunity to visit Us. He seems a nice enough chap, as We have seen him near Our Terrace before, but he did forget protocol, and proceded, as We understand Young Puurson's present vernacular, to "chill '' with the Queen. Ever the polite Monarch, Queen Emily joined the young visitor in a similar posture, so as not to embarrass Her Most Loyal Subject. They chatted pleasantly for a bit, at which time, Our Young Subject excused himself and, bowing to the Queen, made his way elsewhere. The Queen finds all manner of God's Species quite entertaining!

The Queen Mum was quite upset over the matter of the Veterinarian's office policy where the Young Royals had gone to last Thursday for their injections. They are now required to forward the Young Royal's medical record to the Queen Mum, as she Was Not Amused by the conduct of the office staff. Well, these records have yet to arrive. In the meantime, an appointment was made at Our New Veterinarian's offices for this coming Thursday, August 31st for The Procedures each of the Young Royals must undergo. It is their duty to represent Responsible
Behaviours within Royal as we as Non-Royal Households regarding the health, safety and well-being of Young Ones of both species. HRH Prince Brutus is due to have his Hoo-Ha-ectomy, and HRH Princess Marigold, her Ladigardenectomy. What was not made clear to Us, was that the pre-procedure exam could be made on the same day as the procedures. When Queen Mum called to confirm the appointment and pre-operative preparations (she remembered the pre-operative ritual from when The Queen bravely went in for her ladigardenectomy 2 years back, but wanted to verify all was the same), the young lady informed Us that the actual procedures were not scheduled, but this time, QM recieved a POSITIVE date of Thursday, September 14th.
They will have their food and water removed at 12am midnight, and be taken to hospital by 10am Thursday morning, and have their procedures during Surgery Hours Midday. QM was informed that Prince Brutus would be able to return home that evening, but the Doctor recommended the Princess stay overnight. Queen Mum was stunned by the prospect of the two Young Royals being separated even for one night, as they have never, from birth, been separated. The kindly young woman must have sensed this, and quickly offered, "Oh, the Prince may stay with the Princess overnight, and they both may return home Friday morning!"
At that kindness, QM was able to exhale and thank the young woman for her kindness. QM plans to have their favourite blankie tucked into the recovery chambers for the two Young Royals as they overnight in Hospital.
The Queen Mother will be most pleased when this responsibility and duty of the Family is finally n the past. For some bewildering reason, it seems the simplest communications and efforts have been presenting quite upsetting news and needing looking after these past 2 weeks. QM has a theory...would you like to share in it? She feels that the humble Planet Pluto is quite irate at the demotion by those who have been reared to regard him as a planet due the respect that all planets are due. They, in fact, stole Pluto's dignity, and it must saddle him with great sadness and loss to think schoolchildren everywhere will think him less than the planet, an Honour to which he has become accustomed. We here, at the Royal House of Myres are quite distressed, as Pluto was the Queen Mum's favourite of all planets. What say you all?

Whilst it seems the Blogger has not a case of indigestion at the moment, we will attempt to post while we have the opportunity! Queen Mum has plenty of return visits to pay today and tomorrow.

We do ask that you please keep Luna in your puuayers, as of last word, she still is lost in that frightful forest. Also, please join the memorial to Trixie Meezer, a most Noble Lady who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday Morning. If you would be so kind, please consult Our Friend's site, www.Kat' for information regarding a Memorial Service in Trixie's Honour.

Thank you all for visting, as always! Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Day to Everyone!

We had already attempted to post this morning, but it seems Blogger has misplaced Our efforts.

C'est la vie...

Today We would like to respond to Sir Pounce, of the House of Katnippia, who "tagged" HRH Princess Marigold to reveal five puuursonal facts about herself. The Princess had a bit of difficulty choosing only 5, but with the Queen Mother's help, We believe we have five facts that may entertain you all!

Fact #1.

Princess Marigold has quite the refind palate, and especially likes salmon, as prepared by Queen Mum. She and Her brother, HRH Prince Brutus will come to inspect Queen Mum's plate, and being quite amused by their curiosity, QM will carefully take bits of the salmon, cool them, and offer each about 4 bits. We are about to share a confidence with you, as what We are about to reveal may be misinterpreted as unseemly behaviour for a Young Princess. The Princess has a very healthy appetite, and will finish her portion, and go over to her brother's portion and finish his off, as well!

Fact #2.

In keeping with the first fact revealed, Princess Marigold enjoys serving as sous chef to the QM when She is preparing meals, on Cook's half-day off. The Princess will climb the Queen Mum's robes until she can perch on Her shoulder, and will offer advice as to seasoning, side dishes, wine selections and the like. This is a trait that must have been learned in Her time with Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, who is quite the Gourmet Cook! In her youth, the Princess must have enjoyed the aromas from Godmother Deb's kitchen!

Fact #3.

It is well known amongst the Household that the Princess has developed a fine technique of Classic Greco-Roman wrestling! This she learned from Her brother, as He bonded with the Princess from birth, and would play-wrestle with her. Being a petite 4 pounds, she often will "take down" the Prince, who weighs in at 5.7 pounds! At times, the Queen Mum will offer the Princess an unfair advantage by holding the Prince down, but that is rare, only when QM has had a nip too many of Fine Port wine...

Fact #4.

Princess Marigold has a favourite toy amonst the many Our Godmother Deb has made gifts of, and it is one she has had from her very early days; a shiny green mouse which rattles when it is tossed. She also will play happily with the plastic ring that comes from a container of milk. After a time, Queen Mum will toss it into the rubbish bin, to prevent any possibility of ingestion. The Princess will sniff about for it a bit, then move on to an authentic toy, one safe to play with.

Fact #5.

The Princess conducts Herself in a true Royal fashion whilst out in public. Last week, she had occasion to visit the Veterinarian for her shots, and was SO brave, she continued to purr, even whilst the injections were being administered. We were Most Pleased!

In general, Princess Marigold is growing into quite the lovely Royal of Refined Manners and Sensibilities. HM Queen Emily sees to her education to insure a Lovely Adult Princess.

We thank you for visiting with Us today and hope you have a Pleasant week ahead!

Friday, August 25, 2006


What am I supposed to do? I have had a Horrendous Week, and it's going into another weekend of more of the same, so, you all tell me...what do I do? Do I give up on MY OWN BLOG, TOO?! I thought THIS SITE was MY PLAYGROUND, and a place where some people may like to take a passing glance at my cat and kittens.
Especially since I really only reincarnated this blog to help give myself another way of watching my kittens grow. I am emotionally drained right now, and can't decide a thing.

So tell me, what should I do?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Before and Current photos of HRH Prince Brutus. The 1st picture was taken on June 24, 2006, about an hour after his arrival from Our Most Favoured Godmother Deb's home in Houston, Tx.

The second photo was taken within the last 2 weeks. He seems to look a bit like a furry Eggplant, growing there, doesn't he?!

We hope everyone is well and having a good week so far. Princess Marigold needs to respond to being "tagged" by Katnippia. We expect to complete that challenge tomorrow. Until then, have a good day.

Good Sunday Morning, Everyone!

We have been side-stepping Our responsibility, and for that We do apologise. It has been awhile now since Sir Pounce, of the House of Katnippia, "tagged" HRH Princess Marigold to reveal five puursonal facts about Herself. Well, to be truthful, She has had a difficult time deciding on which facts to share with Our Faithful Subjects, as she has so many endearing traits. She believes now, with Queen Mum's assistance, she has a suitable list, done in good fun and sport to share.

Fact #1.

Her Highness delights in escaping from her collar, much to the dismay of Queen Mum. But she has yet to find a place to hide it where QM cannot find it!

Fact #2.

Princess Marigold, weighing a mere four pounds, is quite an accomplished wrestler! She has her brother, HRH Prince Brutus to thank for that. This does leave the Prince in a pickle now, as Her Highness often uses fine Greco-Roman maneuvers to "take down" her 5.7oz brother.

Fact #3.

Her Highness is fast becoming quite the gourmet sous chef! She will climb up to Queen Mum's shoulder to assist in spices and herb selection, and is quite willing to taste the food as it is being prepared. The Princess has quite the refind palate!

Fact #4.

HRH Queen Emily has taken the Princess underer wing, so to speak, and Princess Marigold is a quick study. She is an example of refinement, contrasting with The Prince, who is quite typical of a Young Royal; fortunately, We have been able to keep some of his, shall we say, rowdy behaviours out of those dreadful newspapers. We hope in time Princess Marigold will show her brother by example how a Royal must conduct themselves. We are most pleased with HRH Princess Marigold!

Fact #5.

The Princess does have a very hearty appetite, especially for salmon prepared by The Queen Mum. QM is quite amused by the Young Royals "demands" to have a taste, and so will carefully cool several bits for each of them. This must also stay out of the papers, if you would be so kind, as it could be misinterpreted as gluttony instead of the Princess' refind palate appreciating a well cooked piece of salmon; she will eat her portion with gusto, then take the Prince's bits as well!

Princess Marigold, on the whole, is a delight to be with, and We are most pleased and amused by her youthful vigor and antics!

Thank you all for visiting! Have a pleasant week!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Sunday Morning, Our Loyal Subjects!

Today, it is HRH Prince Brutus' turn to participate in the "Five Things About You" game that You have all been participating in. Prince Brutus was "tagged" by Sir Junior Man of the Royal House of Iceland. He is most pleased to have been selected to play this game, as HM Queen Emily did so enjoy her turn!

So here are the Five habits/things that Prince Brutus indulges in.

1.) The Prince loves to "help" Queen Mum make the Royal Bed up in the mornings, however, he tends to make more lumps than he smoothes out.

2.) Royal Decorum aside, The Prince makes himself the fool when shown what he refers to as a "fev-ver" toy. Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, SWMBO, had sent several feather toys for the Royals, and they are the Prince's favorite. Next only to whatever HRH Princess Marigold is playing with at the time.

3.) The Prince has copied Queen Emily's lead and is now a faucet drinker. Sometimes, being as rude about it as pushing Her Majesty aside for his turn!

4.) Water holds great attraction for the Prince, actually. The 4th silliest thing he does is hop into the shower as Queen Mum is finishing up. Once the faucet stops, he likes to assist Queen Mum dry off by licking her ankles. Queen Mum allows this, as she believes it must be good for her circulation. However, a few days ago, the shower drain backed up, and the water rose to above-ankle height. Not realizing this, Prince Brutus jumped in as usual, and found himself tummy-deep in soapy water. This time, Queen Mum had to dry the Prince off.

5.) Lastly, Prince Brutus has honed his skills as a Ladies' Cat to the highest order. One must admit, the Prince does have a good eye for the female form! When Queen Mum has Tea with a Ladyfriend, the Prince wastes no time in making her acqaintence. If he favours one especially, he will leave a token of his affection in her handbag. The Lady in question is always suprised when reaching into her bag to find one of the Prince's favourite toys.

Well, there it is then! Prince Brutus would like to thank Sir Junior Man of the Royal House of Iceland for the challenge!

And now, The Prince wishes to "tag" his first Love, Sanjee, of The House of (Mostly) Black Cats. Simply in the spirit of good sport, of course...

Thanks to all for visiting Us this Sunday. Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello, Our Loyal Subjects!

We apologise for not fulfilling Our Royal Duties by publishing on a regular basis. We are working to rectify this matter, and ask your indulgences as we do so. Thank you all!

Well, several days ago, HM Queen Emily was "tagged" by Missy of the Sherwood Household to participate in a game which involves HM the Queen to openly confide 5 things about Herself. Without further ado, here are 5 things about HM Queen Emily.

1. She has a secret wanderlust, which has Queen Mum guarding the door to prevent her eloping outdoors unawares of the Family.

2. She does not favour treats, until today! We received our parcel from Robyn at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, in which our adoptive 'ramic kitty Daisy arrived! Mom Robyn made sure Daisy brought some stinky goodness with her, as well as a catnip toy, which the Queen favors greatly, but the treats Daisy bought with her! They are called "Whiskas Temptations". Queen Mum never saw Queen Emily enjoy ANY treat before these! We are most indebted to Daisy for bringing them along!

3. The Queen enjoys human companionship, but on her own terms. She will snuggle at bedtime with Queen Mum, asking for a massage and scratches, then, when she has had enough, she abruptly ends the session with a quick bite and a turn of her tail.

4. Queen Emily's most favoured pasttime is cuddling with the Organic Catnip bag that Our Most Favoured ML Sherwood sent to Us. The Young Royals are, alas, too young for the pleasures of catnip as yet. Queen Mum says "give them a few months!"

5. HM the Queen does NOT like table scraps WITH THE EXCEPTION OF- Liver! Beef, Veal, Chicken, no matter. She can smell the wonderful odours of Liver as Cook is preparing it, and can down a hefty portion off of Queen Mum's dinnerplate!

Well, there you have it. Five things about HM the Queen. Now, it is Queen Emily's turn to tag someone, and she chooses to tag her Cousin, Viscount Seaborne of the Taylor Cat House-hold.

This was most enjoyable!

Please do visit Daisy's Mom Robyn at her lovely site and peruse the exquisite selection of jewelry! We have promised ourselves to make Our first stop on Our Christmas shopping trip!

Wishing you all a splended day!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Days, Our Most Loyal Subjects!!

What a GLORIOUS SUPRISE We had last evening! The doorbell rang at about 6:00 p.m., and as Queen Mum allowed Jeeves the evening off, she answered the door personally. Our Kind Gentleman wearing Brown Shorts was at the door with a LARGE Parcel addressed to Us! Once Queen Mum carried it in, HM Queen Emily immediately began an examination of the large box, as she was anxious to play in it once it was empty. It's size was enticing to her, and she approved of it immediately. However, Our Dear Subjects, the box was only the FIRST toy! Once Queen Mum opened it, both HRH Prince Brutus and Queen Emily began to examine the interior of the box. It wasn't empty and ready to play in, as We first thought. There was this very intriquing contraption inside, pact very snugly, and and Queen Mum began to remove it, piece by piece, allowing us to inspect each piece for approval before assembling it. ( We have a faint idea where QM obtained her "carpentry" skills, but were told it was an old Family rumor; that there was not a grain of truth about the foreman of the Royal Carriage House decades ago. ) Once put together, We realized it was a Play House!Queen Mum then told us it was yet ANOTHER gift sent by Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, She Who Must Be Obeyed! It fit PERFECTLY into Our Playcorner, where Queen Mum kept one of Our beds, filled with all the toys, also given to us by Godmother Deb! We so long to see Godmother Deb again, as we owe her HOURS of kisses, noserubs and hugs for her neverending kindnesses to us! Queen Mum is sorting out a plan to put together another 'nip bag to hang on one of the three-level upper stories of the play house.

This morning, Queen Mum awoke at 6:30 a.m. a full hour later than she had become accustomed to, as the Young Royals regularly climbed into bed with her at 5:30 a.m. for morning games. Concerned, Queen Mum came into the Great Room, only to find all three of us, Queen Emily, Princess Marigold and Prince Brutus resting on various levels of the Royal Play House! Of course, you do know what came next?! Yes, the Silver Flash Box !! (Our Most Gracious Godmother's gift to Queen Mum a few weeks ago!)

We consider ourselves Most Blessed by Our Creator to have, as a Member of Our Royal Family, a Most Gracious, Most Dear to Our Hearts, Godmother Deb!

Well, as we retire to our rejuvinating midafternoon nap, we just wanted to inform You that the Royals, HM Queen Emily, HRH Princess Marigold and Prince Brutus have all been "tagged" in this fascinating game Our Cousins have been playing, so over the week-end, We will be participating in this game and anticipate a great amount of sport and fun!

Thank You All for visiting us today! Have a Lovely Weekend!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Day, Our Loyal Subjects!

Today, We have been made aware of a campaign to honour those who perished in the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001.

We at Rose and the Royals are honoring the memory of Jeffrey Coombs, age 42, who was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11. He was a resident of Abington, Massachusetts. He is survived by his wife, Christie, and their three children, Matt, Meagan and Julia. Jeffrey was a security analyst for Compaq Computers. He boarded AA flight 11 in Boston's Logan Airport, en route to Los Angeles, CA, along with a flight crew of 11, 75 "regular" passengers, and 5 hijackers, led by Mohammad Attah. The flight was delayed in taking off from Logan, but finally recieved clearance for takeoff at 7:59 a.m. The plane is believed to have been hijacked at 8:14 a.m. Two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled from Otis AFB in Massachusetts, intended to intercept flight 11. But because Attah had switched off the transponders, the USAF pilots had no idea which direction to fly to meet the plane.

At 8:46 a.m., flight 11 crashed at roughly 490 mph into the north side of the north tower of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99. It is believed the aircraft entered the tower mostly intact. People below the impact area start to evacuate; however, no one above the impact zone is able to do so.

Today is August 10th, 2006. In 32 days, we mark the 5th anniversary of this horrendous event. It is the 5th anniversary of when simple, everyday freedoms of all Americans began to be curtailed.

It is also the 5th annieversary that Christine became a widow, and when Matt, Meagan and Julia lost their father. Please join Us in prayer for Jeffrey Coombs and his family, as they approach another anniversary of a day that changed their lives as they had known it as Americans. We all thought this sort of thing was not supposed to happen here.

We were wrong.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Good Morning, Our Most Loyal Subjects!

We hope you had a restful, relaxing week-end, as We had. HM Queen Emily had a bit of peace whilst reading the Sunday papers, as the Young Royals, HRH Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold took extensive naps. Once they awakened, Princess Marigold had a look at the Gardens from Queen Emily's favourite vantage point. And Prince Brutus was quietly keeping HM the Queen Mum company as she perused her favourite websites, such as,, and links from these sites. Well, it kept Queen Mum amused for hours on end! You may find interesting links off of the addresses We've mentioned regarding all of the hard but rewarding work Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Our Beloved Lady ML, and Our Angel of Mercy Karen C. have done to rescue and place in foreverafter homes distant cousins of ours who may have fallen on hard times. These are most heartwarming stories, so please do visit Our Favourite Sites today, when you find the opportunity!

Well, Queen Mum has her silver Flash Box out which can mean only one thing...We must attend to Our Duties and pose for additional Official Royal Photographs.

Thank you for visiting, and as always, have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello Our Most Loyal Subjects!!

We are back from holiday now. We understand we missed the most horrendous heat wave here in town. In the country, temperatures were most mild. In the evenings, one could comfortably sit fireside at tea!

Well, first thing the Young Royals did upon returning from Myres Castle was to invade the 'fridge, of course. They may be under the impression the 'fridge has gotten smaller, when the fact of the matter is HRH Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold have grown to the point where they need to inspect each shelf individually. Prince Brutus is inspecting the fresh, sleedless grapes Queen Mum had chosen on the way home, while Princess Marigold, who can eat circles around her brother, is more interested in the Pork Chops and Chicken on the lowest shelf. We are to have the Pork Chops today, done as Queen Mum remembers them from her childhood; something called "Shake & Bake" will coat the chops in a tasty pre-seasoned breading, and on the side, our veggies will be fresh steamed carrots and zuccini squash. Cinnamon applesauce will be for dessert! We are most looking forward to dinner!

Today, the weather is quite lovely. The temperature currently is 82 F, with very low humidity. Queen Mum is contimplating a short walk about town.

Well, we hope you will visit our sister site, for a few additional photos. It being the week-end, we thought the 2nd site may offer some amusement on Sunday for you.

We will also try to catch up with some most exciting news among Our Most Beloved Fairy Godmother Deb, She Who Must Be Obeyed; Our Most Honored Lady ML, Fairy Godmother Karen C. and Dr Smith, Veterinarian to the Royal Family. This coming week, we shall explore all the hard work and accomplishments they were busy with during Our holiday!

For now, We thank you for visiting, and have a Most Blessed Weekend!