Friday, July 21, 2006

Good Morning, and Happy Friday, Everyone!
HM Queen Mum began to play with her new Digital Camera yesterday, after carefully reading the instructions. She's like a schoolgirl again, looknig out for "Photo Ops", as she calls them. It's a wonder she put the silver box down long enough to write this morning!
The BEST news this weekend is the liberation of our cousin, K.C. from Captivity in Los Angeles, Ca. Tomorrow, bright and early, she will be boarding a Continental flight to Houston, Texas!
We hope she can sleep most of the way, as we did. At one moment, Godmother Deb and Our Dear Tatum and Sloan were kissing and hugging us goodbye. We were very sad to leave Taylor House, because all we knew our whole life was love there. The staff at Continental made sure we were comfortable the entire time, and gently handled only when necessary. Lady ML and Queen Mum kept monitoring our progress to Newark International Airport from Houston. It dawned on Queen Mum that the flight times and distance were very much like our own experience. K.C. will be in the loving arms of TWO mommys! We hope to be able to post a photo of K.C. here for all to meet her!
Well, Queen Mum wants to carry the silver box around some more, so we'll close for now.
Thanks to all for visiting!
Have a Blessed Day!