Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who Here knows of a Repair Kit for a Broken (Hooman) Heart?

Cads.  The Lot of them!!  Best be off with their heads!  But alas, Queen Mum remains a pacifist, and so suffers in silence  - and glasses of sherry - as the latest hooman breaks her heart. 
We feel it Our Duty to cheer up QM in as best we can. So off to the Photo Archives for a few smiles...        

You have our hearts as always, Queen Mum...and a Queen's Consort worthy of your companionship will soon be here.
(although I hate to point out "I told You So," at the first hint of a *ahem* 
'cat allergy' 
Our love has always been, and remains so, your deepest solace, Our Beloved Queen Mum!