Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gorgeous Ginger Wednesday!

Our Prince, Brutus The Brave Hearted, Top Chef and 100% Texas ManCat!

...oh, and Pillow-Lover...

pee ess!
We are so very grateful for your purrs and prayers earlier this month! 
Yes, We faced some serious health issues, and want to 
Thank with all Our hearts Our Blessed Auntie ML and KC for keeping you
posted and asking for the purrs & prayers.
As always, they were granted!
Brutus saw his Special V-E-T on July 3rd,
received an injection of Depo-Medrol and hasn't wheezed or coughed since, not once!

As for me, I was in hospital 3 days.  I threatened to leave 
Against Medical Advice if not discharged
so I could return to My Royals, as
no one, Except their Auntie ML, of course,
knew they were alone.
I am currently completing a series of Iron infusions 
that, if Dr. Sidhom, Our Hematologist-Oncologist is satisfied with the lab results,
should end by next week.
No internal bleed has been found.
The Doctors are now simply leaning to a dietary insufficiency,
or Malabsorption Syndrome.
We feel so much better now!
Even the color in Our cheeks have returned!
Thank you all again for your thoughts
and virtual bickies and hugs!

We love you all so very much!

With humble gratitude,
Prince Brutus
Queen Mum, Rose
~ ~ ~