Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are "Going on the Road" soon!

Just Look At What Our Queen Mum is planning
to get for us once she gains emloyment!!!

While this kind present given us a year
and some months ago remains a sentimental
favourite of the Royals, the ledges are beyond
repair and no longer support their weight.
It shall be delegated to where all well-used items
of feline pleasure are laid to rest.
Hello to all our true and loyal furriends!

We appreciate all of you who have stuck by us through thick and thin! Thank you those who have not judged us by what may be about out in the Blogosphere.

2007 started out quite a pleasant year, but by years end, was not one I will look forward to with unbridled pleasure.

We, as always appreciate the purrayers directed Our way, and take comfort in them!

On a lighter note, We hope all of Our furriends got everything their little fuzz-y hearts desired!

QM finds herself without a job, and has been searching and interviewing several times a week since the last week in November.

There is one slight glimmer of hope! Please keep your paws crossed for

Two weeks ago today, She interviewed for 2 positions in a Bridal Salon! Well, QM has had a lifelong passion to work in a salon, handling all those beautiful gowns, and most importantly, gently guiding the young Brides-to-Be on how to conduct oneself whilst wearing the most elaborate gown they will ever wear in their lifetimes!

Now, back in the day, QM did floristry designs exclusively for bridal parties. She feels, as did the assistant manager who interviewed her, that she was perfect for the job, and virtually offered her the positions on the spot! However, because of the weather being so beastly that day, the Manager of the shop did not make it in, although, ever prompt, QM was 30 minutes EARLY and waited in her car until the scheduled time!

QM phoned the Manager to offer to see her for a second interview, and was greeted warmly, with "I'm so glad you called!". In one of her capacities, QM will be assisting brides-to-be and others planning elegant gatherings in choosing the most tasteful invitations for their respective galas.

QM must meet the "District Manager" of the invitation designer, and at the same time, meet with the manager. Well, to say We have all been on pins and needles is an understatement!
My, We Have made up for some time by this post, haven't we?!
As the title "Going on the Road Soon" implies, be on the lookout for the Royals to "Reinvent" themselves!
(Princess Marigold had long been brooding to be more "grunge" in her appearance)
We'll see where this "road trip" takes us!
Hope to see you all in the "mosh pit"!
Blessings to you all!
(I fear we are going to need them!)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

~~~~~Perfectly Parker's Par-tay!!!~~~~~

TRH Prince Brutus and Princess, join HM Queen Emily in a respite before the Festivities!

What a giddy beginning to a Weekend!
Our new Fur-riend Parker has invited Us to teleport to his lovely home this day for a Party in his Bean's Lovely home in O-Hi-O, (that is in the USA, not too far from Our American Home in New Jersey, in fact!). Do visit Parker at for the scrumptious details!
We have begun to prepare Ourselves for a good time, and one of the visual treats We like to have is a viewing of one of Our favourite videos.
So, Courtesy of You Tube and Corey Williams, please do enjoy this video!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Warmest Greetings to All Those Closest to Our Hearts!

It feels as though it has been an age and a day since We last took pleasure in writing to you all.
Much has transpired, and much of that needs to be left in silent prayer and meditation within Our Hearts.

Our year, whilst as undulating as we are sure you find your own to be, has been overall good to Us. Our Birthday suprise was so much just that! Greetings from so many of you, and We are absent of our manners in not acknowledging each and every one of them individually. Please know, all your good Birthday Wishes were Our Most Treasured Gift of All. To be thought of kindly and to have you take time out of your very busy schedules to post Us a greeting, yes, even in Our Advanced Years, and lack of Character, was taken to heart and will be treasured always.

We would like to thank the Ace of all Re-purr-ters, K.C., for reporting on the Cat Blogosphere a day which We have to admit, We needed a showing of affection. One needs affection daily if One is to flourish, don't you find?