Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BIRTHDAY VIDEOS (you'll have to suck it up - I'm a proud Mutha******)

Yes! We Have A Vidfest!! Cute Kittehs, how can you resist? (ya can? Then get the helloutahea!)

Happy B'Day, Mine Kittehs

Just a side trip today to wish my 3 kittehs, Emily, Brutus and Marigold a Happy Birthday.
Today is their "official" BD's, since their real dates of birth are known only to The Higher Power.
They're all rescues, you see. Emily is the sole "Jersey Fresh" kitteh, found in a dumpster in Dunellen, NJ with 2 brothers one February day. A woman named Rosemarie bottle-fed Emily and ber bros, and she's been with me now 4 years old.

My 2 orange kittehs, the XXL Brutus and the Petite-Punk Marigold are native Texans. They were rescued along with their Momma Grace, and 2 brothers Ruse and Audace 2 years ago. The Houston ASPCA were going to euthanize the kits, but there came along a lady named Deb who would have none of that, Thank You. She paid their ransom, and took Grace and her 3 day old kits home with her. They were nurtured well.

Brutus will Live and Die a Texan, by golly. Marigold has become accustomed to the Jersey Fresh scene...I mean, come on! "The Misfits"-gods of all things punk-grunge, are from Lodi!

I shall post a few pics-try to make a "Then" and "Now" kind of comparison for you.
Thanks for checking in.
Oh, btw, "The Misfits" have a gig at Starland Ballroom this month.
Check the website for times, prices, all that stuff...