Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day ~ 11.11.11

Memories of Allied Troops from Canada and the United Kingdom,

Thank You All for Your Service.

Please take note of a tag in my sidebar that refers to
A Cup O'f Joe for a Joe.
I have made a point to send a little something of a donation to sponsor one of our Service Members to a Free Cup O' Joe.
For as little as $2.00, a bit of Home, enjoying what is an amazing coffee (I've tried it! Awesome)
gives a Service Member more than a jolt of caffeine!
It assures them that we DO Remember them!
You will get an e-mail from the Service Member who received the coffee:
I have to tell you, it's one of the most heartwarming e-mails you will find in your Inbox!

That being said, when you see a Service Member, whether they are in active duty or a Vet,
remember to thank them.
It's the least we who stayed Stateside can do!