Sunday, October 02, 2011

~~~Beau 'Et Some!!~~~


Beau has a good apptite!

Last night my phone rang at nearly 10 pm.  I saw "Barbara n Beau" on my caller ID and my heart lept into my throat.
It didn't get to ring a second time.
I feared for both of them, to be honest.
But the fears were unfounded, as Barbara simply called me to let me know, as I had asked her to, when Beau came out in the open to eat and more importantly at this stage, to drink water.

Late afternoon Barbara needed to take a pain medication, and went to lie down.
Now if you read the update from the last post,
Beau had given up his sanctuary under Mama Barb's bed, and came out to sit under her TV in the living room.
He also began to "talk" with her!
She had been speaking to Beau since his arrival, in her soft way, and joked she hoped her neighbor didn't think she was talking to herself!
Well, the medication did it's job, and her pain lifted enough for her to drift into sleep.
As she slowly woke, she heard  " 'sp 'sp 'sp" and looked down to her right, where her brother had cleared a special corner all Beau's, and he was drinking water!
Before she went to lie down, she "spoke" to Beau, still by the TV at that point, and asked if he wanted some of his special treat-chicken baby food.
I know Barbara was probably eager to feed "her son" from a baby food jar, and as she opened the jar, Beau's head lifted and he mewed at her.
She told him to "come and get it", then climbed into bed.
She was so pleased to see him out in the open!
She said he seemed to startle when she said his name, as if he wanted to bolt for cover, then apparently changed his mind, and finished his drink.
But she wanted me to come over to check on him, because she felt he may have had a seizure.
I assured her he was vetted and is good health, but wanted to check things out anyway. I also remembered to take my camera over to her, now that Beau is in a more "Walkabout" mood.
I saw leftover baby food, and asked how long it had been there, and advised her to do as I do with the Royals, what they don't finish of wet food in 2-3 hours to take it up and toss it away.
But I wondered aloud if he had eaten any of it.
She said "Oh, he 'et some! That's his second helping!"
I think today is Stinky Goodness day, broaden his palate for other "chicken dishes"!
The one photo I did snap of him is still on the camera, and I as Barbara was "admiring" my camera, I said "I want it back, you know - with lots of pictures!"
Hopefully, by Tuesday we will have some to post.
When Barbara said  " 'et some", it reminded me of how Southerners pronounce the past tense of "ate" differently than us Northerners.  Barbara's family are originally from Missouri, but this is the first time I ever detected a regional dialect in Barbara's voice.
Hmmmm...a bit over 24 hours and already she's picking up Beau's accent!

In the absense of a photo of "my Nephew", I'd like to show you Brutus' new favourtie snuggle spot.
Walmart does a nice mail-order business, I haven't been disappointed yet.
However, they DO love to package things - individually, with plenty of packing material!
The litter pan I ordered for Beau came alone, in a pretty good sized box.
Well, have a look!

There's enough box there for TWO 21 lb. Texas Man Cats!

Emily tries it on for size, but generally gets evicted in no uncertain terms!

So, things are moving along, and Barbara thanks everyone for helping her find her forever cat.

Have a Lovely Sunday!

Grilled Chicken, his favourite protein!