Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well, as Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold
bids all a good night, we shall, tomorrow, see what we shall see...

It's past the Queen Mum's bedtime, too...

HM Queen Emily welcomes you to the first photo enhanced post to our Royal Blog, Queen Mother Rose and the Royals!
Hello, My Fuzz Family!

This post is a rehearsal. I will attempt to post 2 photos, while standing on my head, balancing 2 kittens on my feet, using HM Queen Emily as a headcushion and drinking a glass of iced tea.

It may as well be true, because at this precise moment, that scenario seems easier!

I am considering changing the name, or creating a second blog, since this idea seems to be heading towards a Royal Family History suggestions, please?!

Well, here goes!