Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Post Labor Day

I'm very sorry for startling some of you on Saturday, but I woke to disturbing news; news I did not think could be resolved or repaired, and I was, to say the least, in Deep Mourning. 
Friends are very special Beings, because God only allocates so very precious Few of them to us, over a Lifetime!
Well, be that as it may, we were touched and saddened that we caused such an uproar in a time meant to celebrate the Lady and Kitty behind The Cat Blogosphere.
We Never meant to Steal Anyone's Thunder! (QM's old Theatre Manager Lingo-need to know it's meaning? Leave a comment! We'll get right back to you!)

QM has seen more Labor Day Holidays come and go than She is willing to admit to here.  It was in one comment, on The Island Cats' Blog, that She realised what Labor Day actually is.

"Here’s a little secret from Your Yankee Royals…iffen a certaim Politikal Partee has it’s way, “Labor Day” will become Extinct!! YES!! See, Labor Day was meant to celebrate Workers’ Rights and Safety, and the Workers formed “Unions”. Well, there are those Hoomins who are greedy for the green papers, so many they could never spend them in Our Nine Lives, that they will break down these Hoomin Unions. And then, No safety for Our Hoomins, No fair working hours for Our hoomins…No fair green papers for our hoomins…Sad…If Our hoomins suffer, We suffer…that’s just Our opinion on things, as we’re not Really Royal, after all...

We do wish you all a good-what’s left of the Day Off Wherever You Are!!

Oh and pee ess…QM was “having a moment” over the week-end…we ain’t goin’ no wheres…

If ya need Us, just gotta holla!

Rose and the

NJ Street 'Hood Royals