Friday, July 24, 2009

UPDATE!! HM Queen Emily Reported Under Evil Spell!

PLEASE SEE EARLIER POST BELOW FOR BACKSTORY! Biggify photos with due caution: Some images may prove unsettling!

It has been reported by Staff in Myres Castle that HM Queen Emily has been seen in Her Private Chambers, indulging in 'nip, and other reckless behaviour, which includes Twittering Excessively under the user name "@HotEmXXX" . The most distressful visual symptoms are Her Majesty emulating some of her favourite "I Can Has Cheezburger" images. Above you will see Her Majesty emulating the so-called "Monorail Kitteh".
The most disturbing visual appearance is the eerie glow which has afflicted The Queen. It is reminiscent of that witnessed by Queen Mum to have been in the eyes of the most recent Vishus Deer sighting in the Palace's back garden.
The Royal V.E.T. has been consulted, and will provide a treatment plan to Staff.
Further reports on HM Queen Emily will be forthcoming,

Long Live The Queen!

BREAKING NEWS: Vishus Deer Sighting in New Jersey!

Something has alarmed Princess
Marigold, the Princess Emo!
Her 6th (or is it 7th or 8th?) sense is always spot on, which led me to investigate further...

To my Horror, just outside Our window, stood a Vushus Deer!
BUT! This one had company!

THERE HE WAS! The Apparent offspring of the first Vishus Deer!
Oh, how his eyes glowed with the fires of the Netherworld!!!!

In what seemed to take forever, they finally moved on to seek more vulnerable prey.

Once again, The Royal House of Myres was secure. HM Queen
Emily made a decree to have the Groundskeeper secure the Back Garden against any future security breaches.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Thanksgiving in July

Watching Cats simply being cats can be therapeutic, mesmerizing, comforting and humbling. It is in observing a cat's grace in handling life in the moment that I try to drink in each time I look at one of my babies.

While Brutus was coming down with his recent tangle with asthma, allergies and bronchitis, I hadn't noticed that he began neglecting his grooming. By Monday, June 30th, he was cough-free. That morning, I noticed flakes on his back, near his tail and thought "Kitteh Dandruff?!" But later that day, I also caught site of him attending to his grooming. Once he was finished giving himself a thorough going over, he went to stretch out against his scratching post next to the front windows, then rested a few moments to allow me to adore him. With more thanks than I can suitably show to Stacey, Patti and Jan, Brutus will have many moments of adoration to come. This is as he sees fit. Of course.
I had to include a baby picture of him in this group! The little orange fuzz with the blue eyes, in a lovely basket lined in blue gingham is Brutus at about 6 weeks of age, I believe. He was being raised along with his siblings and his Momma Grace by their Godmother Deb Taylor in Houston, Texas. Then, as now, Brutus is full of Piss and Vinegar and is firmly ensconced as The Spokescat of the Three Royals. The ladies know when to let the Mancat speak for them!

I would like to thank everyone in the Cat Blogosphere who sent up purrs and prayers for Brutus' recovery. Once again, you all show that God hears prayer, He is responsive to prayer, and He is always just there, on your shoulder waiting to be asked for whatever it is you might need of Him.
With humility, I thank Him, and I thank you.

Blessings and Peace from
Rose and the Hearts~Filled~With~Thanks Royals