Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello, Our Loyal Subjects!

We apologise for not fulfilling Our Royal Duties by publishing on a regular basis. We are working to rectify this matter, and ask your indulgences as we do so. Thank you all!

Well, several days ago, HM Queen Emily was "tagged" by Missy of the Sherwood Household to participate in a game which involves HM the Queen to openly confide 5 things about Herself. Without further ado, here are 5 things about HM Queen Emily.

1. She has a secret wanderlust, which has Queen Mum guarding the door to prevent her eloping outdoors unawares of the Family.

2. She does not favour treats, until today! We received our parcel from Robyn at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, in which our adoptive 'ramic kitty Daisy arrived! Mom Robyn made sure Daisy brought some stinky goodness with her, as well as a catnip toy, which the Queen favors greatly, but the treats Daisy bought with her! They are called "Whiskas Temptations". Queen Mum never saw Queen Emily enjoy ANY treat before these! We are most indebted to Daisy for bringing them along!

3. The Queen enjoys human companionship, but on her own terms. She will snuggle at bedtime with Queen Mum, asking for a massage and scratches, then, when she has had enough, she abruptly ends the session with a quick bite and a turn of her tail.

4. Queen Emily's most favoured pasttime is cuddling with the Organic Catnip bag that Our Most Favoured ML Sherwood sent to Us. The Young Royals are, alas, too young for the pleasures of catnip as yet. Queen Mum says "give them a few months!"

5. HM the Queen does NOT like table scraps WITH THE EXCEPTION OF- Liver! Beef, Veal, Chicken, no matter. She can smell the wonderful odours of Liver as Cook is preparing it, and can down a hefty portion off of Queen Mum's dinnerplate!

Well, there you have it. Five things about HM the Queen. Now, it is Queen Emily's turn to tag someone, and she chooses to tag her Cousin, Viscount Seaborne of the Taylor Cat House-hold.

This was most enjoyable!

Please do visit Daisy's Mom Robyn at her lovely site and peruse the exquisite selection of jewelry! We have promised ourselves to make Our first stop on Our Christmas shopping trip!

Wishing you all a splended day!