Monday, November 28, 2011

ManCat Monday ~ "Yo! Yo! Beau Be My Bro', Yo!"

Brutus and Beau are now officially BroFurs!!

A cute thing happened last night.  One of my neighbors came to the door, Brutus' Favorite, as it happens.  Well, as is his custom, he finds a way around my futile attempt to block him, and slips into the hall to greet her.  When she opened her door to her apartment, (she's right across from me) Brutus saunters in, also as his is custom.  He's gone a visitin' with Aleksandra on several occasions, but last night wasn't a good time, so I had to fetch him.
Beau has been wanting out also, as of late, and seeing Brutus accomplish his escape spurred Beau into a
Protest Mode.
(A little back story - Beau has the most adorable chirp, not a "mehoww" but a
"Puuuuurrrrrt?", his voice rising at the end!)
He lay by the door, smelling, reaching out and "pppuurrrrt?"-ing for the better part of 20 minutes!
I still have that retched harness, and thought well, maybe he wants a walkabout, and it is permitted to have your pet on a leash anywhere in the building, so I called Beau over, rattling the harness and he came jogging over.
He took one good sniff of it, and backed away!

I've seen a vest-type of Harness somewhere.
They even come in woofie sizes.
I think for ChrissyMouse,
My Two MenCats will be sporting
A New Fashion for a proper Walkabout!

Have a Great Cyber Monday!!
By the way,  I have observed Brutus giving Beau Texas-size head-butts and chin rubs!