Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dusting off the Royals

Happy Thursday!

Quite a few folks are getting ready today to make an early start at the Official Last Holiday Weekend of Summer.
Where did it all go?

We have had a horrendous summer, and truth be told, are quite relieived We made it through and glad to see the end of it.
We didn't plan it to be this way.

We looked forward to fun times in the nearby park on occasions where there were festivals and fireworks.
But Our heart just wasn't in it.
Not this year.

The Greatest Blessing is Our Brutus is Healthy, and is responding well to his "d-i-e-t"!
He will even awaken Us early -
to Play!
He has a certain "whiney" miaw
when he's ready for action!
As you can see from the above photos, both Brutus and Marigold earn their naptime and those naps would not be quite as restful anywhere else but on their Hairy Blankie that Aunt Marilynn, Momma Grace and "The Boys" mum, and Our Beloved Mum II, ML sent them, with their Love!

We ask that you please forgive the fuzziness of the photos.  At present, Our real Flashy Box is well, on Hiatus awaiting "parts", and so QM has had to try Her hand at using her "Smart Phone" for photos.
At Her age and mental status,
Her hands are not as steady as they should be.
Also, We suspect Her Smart Phone has a higher IQ than She does.

In any event,
We are always glad to get a chance to chit-chat a bit with you all!
Enjoy the Long Weekend!!!

HM Queen Emily
HRH Prince Brutus
HRH Marigold
QM Rose