Monday, July 17, 2006

Good Day, Loyal Subjects!

HM The Queen Mum has submitted this photo of HRH Princess Marigold to "The Daily Kitten" for consideration. "The Daily Kitten" holds a stong sentmental place in Our hearts, as there is where we all came to know each other. "TDK" begat "Kat's Cat of the Day", where HM Queen Emily was featured recently, and where the initial concept for Rose and the Royals began. We all have a long (well, for our 14 weeks of life) history together.

It was suggested today, by Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, that Our Biography be written. And so it shall be. HM Queen Mum will begin Her outline today, and We will share Our lives with you from Our earliest memories.

Godmother Deb accomplished a most remarkable feat of gracious charity today! She was made aware of a rescue shelter in Paterson, NJ in despirate need of a new air conditioner. The Kindhearted Lady Leslee Dimond, of "Here Kitty Kitty, Inc." circulated an electronic mail message alerting those among the Feline Inclined population to her plight. As Fate would have it, The Queen Mum noticed this message and forwarded it among Our FuZZ Family. As always, Godmother Deb responded immediately to the needs of Our cousins in New Jersey, and contacted The Home Depot in Passaic, NJ. Now, Godmother Deb is a true Lady of action! What can be done tomorrow may as well be done today, and after speaking with the kind Manager for 5 minutes or so, she had procured a DONATION of a Brand New Air Conditioner for Lady Leslee's cattery! Not only that! Our Lady ML, also of generous heart, donated to the cattery funds to help provide for Fresh Step Cat Litter, Lady Leslee's choice brand, and other necessities our cousins may have. If Our Subjects would like to visit "Here Kitty Kitty, Inc." site, it can be viewed by the following link: ( .

Well, we've had a most eventful morning, and it has just chimed 12:00 Noon!

We thank you as always for visiting us, and hope you have a Most Blessed Day!