Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Matter Of Most Serious Concern!!

Please take heed to this most serious of announcements.

It has come to Our attention that a Subject of the Realm has gone missing, a gentleman Bean by the name of Shane. His Lady Andrea, at home in New Mexico is beside herself with worry. We are aware, indeed proud of the strength in numbers The Cat Blogosphere represents, and We come to you today to ask for your Prayers and Purrs, as well as all eyes and ears to assist and aid Shane in his safe return home.

We at this time turn the story over to Lady Andrea to give a full accounting, as best she is able to gather, 2000 miles away from where her Beau Shane was last seen,
Daytona Beach, FL.

I need help from everyone and anyone that is willing to help! I am at the mercy of complete and total strangers. I live in New Mexico and my boyfriend was working in Daytona Beach Florida where he has been missing since Saturday September 5th. I last talked to him at 12:30 my time which was 2:30AM where he was at. Last thing he told me was "I love you baby and I'm coming" (to NM) Sunday goes by, nothing... I call his cell all day long because at this point I'm freaking out because we really haven't gone 1 day without talking to each other since we started talking. I call his phone about 8:30 my time and some guy answers... says he works at this restaurant and they found Shane's phone in the street behind the restaurant...WTF... now I start freaking out. I called his step dad and Susan to ask if they've heard anything... no word. No ones heard from Shane in almost 7 days. Today I get home from work, mind you, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I'm so worried about Shane. I get on the phone and call the Daytona beach jail...nothing, no record... okay... next... I call the Halifax Hospital... and guess what... Shane was checked in and discharged 6 days ago...Sunday... I haven't heard from him, no one has. I'm calling shelters trying to find him... since he lost his phone... did he lose his wallet also with every ones phone number in it? I don't know... is he waiting for someone to find him? I don't know. I'm reaching out to anyone who will listen. I tried to file a missing persons report with the sheriffs department but they won't let me because it has to be done in person. Mind you I am 2000 miles away and it's a 3 day drive or a $500 plane flight. Please if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a description of Shane. Robert "Shane" Franks, he's 37, about 5 10, 175lbs, slender, he has his left arm sleeved with flames starting at the wrist and there are a couple of "real" skulls also. he has a large elephant on his right leg. He keeps his hair short to the scalp, dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. Usually keeps a mustache and goatee. he's got a southern accent and great personality, very personable. If anyone sees him please tell him to check his myspace I have messaged him all the contact numbers of myself and his family, info to where his cell phone is. He can call me collect I don't care, I just need to know that he's okay. Please please please somebody help me.

Our Dearest Subjects, you may post here with information, or request Lady Andrea's private e-mail address to contact her personally. She has photos to share of Shane that may assist you. Also, Our Thanks and Blessings if you could provide a link to Our Blog while this Search is underway.

May The Creator Bless and Keep You All.