Monday, October 24, 2011

A Note of Thanks

With your generous help in playing/bidding in the Auction,
outright donations of Feliway and
green papers,
Beau will remain comforable for quite some time to come,
have whatever veterinary needs he may have met
and with any luck,
be sharing toys with The Royals by Christmas.

My Big Red Asthmatic ManCat will get his V-E-T visit
(set for Nov. 2nd now, but on a cancellation list).

I would like also to apologise for being outright tetchy
over the weekend.
As days grow shorter, and September ends,
a series of traumatic "Anniversaries"
begin their yearly Hauntings.
Animals have been my fuzzy therapists through these times.
And what bit of what I try to pass off as a sense of humor in writing, as well.

Old wounds were opened, something nearly none of you could have known about, this past weekend.
I appreciate tips, links, suggestions
as I do believe, with an open mind I could learn something or a few things everyday.
Thank you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

~~ One Paw Forward, Three Paws Back? ~~

I thought I would let all know how Beau is adapting to his new life in New Jersey.
I need to confide in you - I am worried.
Friday marked the 2nd week of his journey North,
and he has not ventured forth from his hiding corner except for his basic needs.
He eats his kibble, but has forsaken what was his beloved Gerber Baby Food treat.
I insist he receive only spring or filtered water, and have to hope he is getting it.

Because of her multiple disabilities, and being over the level where she qualifies for Home Health Aide assistance, Barbara finds herself in an untidy environment.
Perfect for a Senior Gentlemancat who wishes to hide.

But I wish he would come out.
As of this writing, he has not allowed Barbara to pet him.
He ventures out to play only with the wand toys, just a little bit, and then retreats.
He still occasionally hisses at her.

My heart is breaking for him, so last Saturday, I insisted on seeing him.
I did not like the comments "Oh I can hear him back there" day in and day out.
I have orthopaedic issues with my right knee and back, old riding injuries.
(or should I say, "falling injuries"?)
If I had to move stacks of magazines chairs and a dinosaur of a computer Barb is keeping for sentimental reasons, I was prepared to do that.
It is behind the computer where Beau has sought sanctuary.
Upon seeing me, he hissed, ears slightly back.
Instead of trying to speak in a Very Bad Southern accent, I just began to speaking to him as I do to my kits.
Especially to my Big Red Texas Mancat.
He hissed twice more, but with ears perked and looking at me with a confused expression.
I have had animals non-stop since my early memories, and I can read body language of not just cats, but dogs, horses, heck, even chickens and roosters!
So, I had Beau interested in me!
I underestimated the obstacles between me and Beau, so instead of trying to clear the way, which may have prompted him to seek shelter elsewhere, I reached behind me for a fev-ver wand toy.
I began to tease Our Gentleman Beau, accusing him of  being  "all Hiss and no Action"!
In a position I hope to one day study comfortably in a Yoga class, I played with Beau while stretched to my current brink.  As a parting test, I put the toy down, and reached in to touch him, but he was far from my grasp, rubbish be damned.
But he didn't hiss!

While Barbara loves him, mostly sight unseen, and she does provide for him as best she can,
I have a fear this Adoption is not "taking".
Barbara's desire to keep Beau is not in my opinion the best thing for him.
The toys so kindly sent to him remain untouched, even lost among items Barbara can not pick up.

I have enlisted the help of Our Property Manager, who is a truly lovely woman, and cares for Barbara's physical as well as emotional well-being.
At this point in time, I am nearly certain I need to take Beau away from her, but due to past emotional issues, this will be difficult without causing great emotional pain.
Carol, our Property Manager
in conjunction with Barbara's Clinician need to convince Barbara it is for Beau's good he come to live with me, "for the time being".

I need to ask in earnest for all your prayers and purrayers to ease this further transition for Our Gentleman Beau and  for the safety that will let Barbara release Beau into my care.
Until we receive further word from Beau's Aunt Teresa.

I would also appreciate a prayer or two as well, because while I wrestle with this issue and pray for a quick resolution for Beau's Final Forever Home,
Brutus has been coughing more frequently and longer each time.

I take my culpability on fully, and if I had questioned Barbara in depth, perhaps I could have avoided this issue.
But I know only what Barbara was willing to share.

We need a speedy resolution, I would so love this to happen this week.
But in God's time, not mine.

Again, please pray for the best outcome for Beau, and for healing and if needed, acceptance on Mom Barbara's part.

I have had contingency plans all along in the event Beau needs to come in with Us.
He will have full access to my bedroom, while the Royals make his acquaintance through the door.
He will be well.
Gentleman Beau is a Survivor.
I recognize that in him.

With your prayers and God's hand,
and Beau's Angel Mom, Cathy looking on, we will assure Beau a Happily Ever After.

Thank You.
It seems Beau has been leaving, uhhh, what The Royals know as
"Ca Ca Poo Poo" -
This is the first I've heard about it.
There IS a medium Lab Mix that lives in the apartment across from her.
I had told Barbara to find an old towel to put under the door, so the doggie smell doesn't come in.
She is unable to do that.
I made the suggestion that Beau is obviously nervous and not happy.
Why not allow him to live with Us until he's settled in, and gradually get him to know her again.
She has agreed!
Gentleman Beau may well be living with Us by Weeks' End!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Beau and Brutus Share The Word ~ and a Blankie

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds
in Christ Jesus".
Phillippians 4:6-7 

When I first saw the photos of Beau that Teresa had sent me, the last photos taken in the only home he knew, Cathy's home, my heart broke a little.
Beau looked like he knew he was on a long journey and was in a sense sad that there was no turning back.
Today's photo I share with you of Our Brutus, you will notice he is snuggled into the same blankie Cathy had on her bed that was Beau's "nest".

Barbara is due over for supper later today, and I wanted to unpack the ginormous box "Aunt T" had sent of Beau's things to make way!
I put the blanket on my table for just the time being, while I took the box out to recycling.
When I came back, there I found Brutus in what looks to be a very restful, comfy snuggle.
He must know Beau and Cathy by their scents.
And he loves them,
by their scents.
It's been close to 2 hours and Brutus is now asleep in the little nest Beau and Cathy shared for years.
Now, I know where to shop for a similar blankie for Brutus,
but how ever can I replicate the Scent of Love Beau and Cathy shared, and in which Our Brutus is peacefully resting?

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord"
Psalms 31:24

Have a Blessed Sunday

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Room with a View

I do understand your concerns for Beau, as mine are One Hundredfold that he acclimate to his new environment and Momma Barb who in NO WAY can mean or take the place of Cathy in Beau's precious furry heart.
I apologise as I take my own turn with illness, beginning Tuesday afternoon and still am unwell.

What I can tell you is that Beau seems to be playing "hard to get" with his new Lady Barbara.
Whilst she was out yesterday morning, she knew he'd been about the room exploring for the things left in different places: ex: her spider plant.
In our building, Management doesn't allow us to hang anything from the ceilings, and that would be the ideal home for a spider plant.
So as second best, Barbara has been keeping hers on the windowsill.
We are fortunate in this building to have oversized windowsills.
Windowsills big enough for a 21 lb. Texas ManCat with NO "spillage" over the side.
Barbara's flat faces the South, and has sun all day.
Beau didn't need a compass to find the sunpuddle.
I imagined in my mind a most stressed Gentlemancat finally finding a source of warmth and sunshine, stretching out to full length, plant be damned and having a snooze.
His appetite is still good.  I had given Barbara a little 4 oz cup and asked her to place just that amount of kibble in to see if Beau was getting his nutrition in, and she later reported she needed to refill the bowl.
He also utilized the -eh- Gentleman's facilities.
Yes, Mama Barb had poop to scoop.
Another interesting point I will share with you, and that was my perhaps mistaken notion that Beau was strictly a "Lady's Gentleman Cat".
Well, Beau and Barbara's brother Jerome
are "Bro's".
Jerome does a great deal for Barbara in and out of her apartment, he's a Godsend of a brother.
Beau liked that about him.
Even afterwards, while he plays hide and seek with Barbara, the day when Jerome was making room for Beau's kennel (which to my eye is too wide open, and I have plans for) Beau came out and sat just a few feet away from Jerome, watching intently.  When Jerome started a new task, Beau stayed out, watching him.  Finally, Jerome put some food down for Beau, and Beau had a nosh, of course ears in all directions and still cautious.
Jerome is now a fan of Beau's.
I can almost see the two of them "taking in a game" on the weekend, together.

Barbara ( and this is between us ) I think is afraid of my camera, for as long as she had it she didn't capture any pictures.
I did the first night when I went to check on him.
A trunk of arts and crafts supplies under a table is a small favourite hidey-hole of his.
Very Bad angle and too bright a flash, but the best I could do given the spot he's found for now.

Now, Beau has been out and about, the other night (forgive me, the past three days have merged in together, since my Migraine began, so bear with me)
Barbara did say one evening he spent the time out in the open, but not yet jumping on her bed and such.
I've received the package from Aunt Teresa, Peggy McNamara and Oui Oui and family Tuesday.
I will again ask your forgiveness as I am currently having the type of migraine that makes my pillows feel like boulders and every little noise cacophonous.
I do not get them nearly as often as Our ML does, but nevertheless on my own level, they are incapacitating.

It simply means the beans surrounding Beau are  themselves feeling poorly.

This is all I have for you today about Beau.

Would anyone like to know how My Royals are doing??
"Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller?"

I take my responsibility to heart and with every ounce of duty that Beau has been re homed in what I believe is a good mission for him, because his new Lady needs him in so very many ways.

Thank you for your patience, and prayers for Beau.
But of course, that goes without saying.

QM Rose

Sunday, October 02, 2011

~~~Beau 'Et Some!!~~~


Beau has a good apptite!

Last night my phone rang at nearly 10 pm.  I saw "Barbara n Beau" on my caller ID and my heart lept into my throat.
It didn't get to ring a second time.
I feared for both of them, to be honest.
But the fears were unfounded, as Barbara simply called me to let me know, as I had asked her to, when Beau came out in the open to eat and more importantly at this stage, to drink water.

Late afternoon Barbara needed to take a pain medication, and went to lie down.
Now if you read the update from the last post,
Beau had given up his sanctuary under Mama Barb's bed, and came out to sit under her TV in the living room.
He also began to "talk" with her!
She had been speaking to Beau since his arrival, in her soft way, and joked she hoped her neighbor didn't think she was talking to herself!
Well, the medication did it's job, and her pain lifted enough for her to drift into sleep.
As she slowly woke, she heard  " 'sp 'sp 'sp" and looked down to her right, where her brother had cleared a special corner all Beau's, and he was drinking water!
Before she went to lie down, she "spoke" to Beau, still by the TV at that point, and asked if he wanted some of his special treat-chicken baby food.
I know Barbara was probably eager to feed "her son" from a baby food jar, and as she opened the jar, Beau's head lifted and he mewed at her.
She told him to "come and get it", then climbed into bed.
She was so pleased to see him out in the open!
She said he seemed to startle when she said his name, as if he wanted to bolt for cover, then apparently changed his mind, and finished his drink.
But she wanted me to come over to check on him, because she felt he may have had a seizure.
I assured her he was vetted and is good health, but wanted to check things out anyway. I also remembered to take my camera over to her, now that Beau is in a more "Walkabout" mood.
I saw leftover baby food, and asked how long it had been there, and advised her to do as I do with the Royals, what they don't finish of wet food in 2-3 hours to take it up and toss it away.
But I wondered aloud if he had eaten any of it.
She said "Oh, he 'et some! That's his second helping!"
I think today is Stinky Goodness day, broaden his palate for other "chicken dishes"!
The one photo I did snap of him is still on the camera, and I as Barbara was "admiring" my camera, I said "I want it back, you know - with lots of pictures!"
Hopefully, by Tuesday we will have some to post.
When Barbara said  " 'et some", it reminded me of how Southerners pronounce the past tense of "ate" differently than us Northerners.  Barbara's family are originally from Missouri, but this is the first time I ever detected a regional dialect in Barbara's voice.
Hmmmm...a bit over 24 hours and already she's picking up Beau's accent!

In the absense of a photo of "my Nephew", I'd like to show you Brutus' new favourtie snuggle spot.
Walmart does a nice mail-order business, I haven't been disappointed yet.
However, they DO love to package things - individually, with plenty of packing material!
The litter pan I ordered for Beau came alone, in a pretty good sized box.
Well, have a look!

There's enough box there for TWO 21 lb. Texas Man Cats!

Emily tries it on for size, but generally gets evicted in no uncertain terms!

So, things are moving along, and Barbara thanks everyone for helping her find her forever cat.

Have a Lovely Sunday!

Grilled Chicken, his favourite protein!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

~~Gentleman Beau, Day 1~~

Beau is now under Mama Barbara's TV!
This is true progress!
Barbara generally has the TV on and her apartment is small enough, if one wanted to, you could switch channels without the remote.
Well, nearly so!
I take this move in locale to mean that Beau was seeking out company'and noticed his Mama wan't coming to bed anytime soon!
Also, Barbara was making dinner for herself at the time, so he may have smelled Home Cooking!
He will settle in nicely.
PS:  Mama Barbara has asked for some prayer, as she faces a visit to her Doctor on Monday that will determine if she is to have surgery or an outpatient, less invasive procedure.
She thanks everyone for keeping an interest in Beau and feels Blessed to have her "son" with her.

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry updates are few and slow to post.
Photos will take a bit longer as well, as I just finished speaking to Miss Barbara.
She told me after Beau had a good sniff about the apartment, he secluded himself where all cats in strange environments are known to do;
Yes, he is under her bed!
Barbara moved his water and kibble next to the bed, and continues to softly speak to him.
I will be going over shortly to place one of Angel Mom Cathy's blankets that accompanied him in his travels near where I can see him.  We think this will help.

If anyone thinks riding in the back seat of a stretch limo is High Society, well then "High Society" must also like to ride in the back of a pick-up truck, because we felt every little (and a few quite large!) potholes!
The highways we had to travel to the sirport are (in)famous for their heavy traffic, and have a tendency to go from 2 lanes to 3, then merge back to 2.
Everything you've ever heard about NYC drivers
Is True!

There was a very unwelcome and in my opinion Unprofessional "surprise" dropped on me when we got to LaGuardia Airport, and I stepped out to retrieve Beau. (his flight, I would estimate, came in nearly a half hour earlier than we arrived.  In the "Priorit Packages" area there was an attendant and it was very quiet.)
As I was walking in the Owner/Operator of the Limo Service called someone on his cell and I heard "You landed When?!"
Mind you, he placed the call, I did not hear the phone ring as I had been all along the ride up, as he answered it as his business phone.
When I wobbled out carrying Beau and his Mini-Castle (?!), the man, Dennis wondered aloud if it would even fit in the door! (ref: the photo ML posted! It cleared by mere inches!)
I was quite cross as he made no effort to carry the crate for me at all.
After he edged Beau & Castle into the back and sat him down on the side seat, he tells me he was on the phone with his neice.  He said she was supposed to come into JFK Airport that evening, but instead her flight had landed and she was waiting at the Terminal.
He asked me if I'd mind his going to pick her up "JFK is only about 10 minutes from here". He forgot that 10 minutes was as the crow flies!
This added an additional 50 minutes to Beau's already 90 minute car ride to his new home!
I waved in the air and bit my tongue, as I could not trust what might come out!
I believe I had the right to tell him, "Take us home first, call your neice and tell her to have a coffee and you will be back for her!"
Do you think that would have been wrong?!
Well, it's all past.  I'm a Yankee Girl at heart, and I'm still stewing that he made no effort to help me carry Beau into my building, either!
I just may have to speak to him.
We Are Not Amused!

Barbara was totally suprised when I knocked on her door, as I never go over unannounced, nor she here, as that is the way we both were brought up.
But the light on her face when she saw who was with me!
"It's Beau!"
I sadly by that time had to drag the kennel as it was too heavy for me to manage any longer, adding to poor Beau's stress, no doubt.
I also brought over the things purchased from Walmart to get Beau situated in his new abode.
We put down a bowl of spring water (it's true-if you drink Jersey Water, you run the risk of glowing in the dark!) and kibble Aunt Teresa had taped to the top of the kennel.
Barbara has decided the kennel can be Beau's little "ManCatCave" if he would like once he ventures out again!

The lack of photos are entirely due to the rough ride we had as the car drove off.
The one photo ML posted was taken while we were still stationary.
Below is the one photo I tried to take as Beau was really not as stressed as he looked in the one clear photo!
His ears were perked forward, his pupils were of normal size and reactive to the light, and at times he sat up as tall as he could to see out the window!
He was a very brave Gentleman Cat!

Beau In Motion...even a tripod wouldn't have helped!

I made a Daily Journal for Barbara to jot down things about Beau. We can refer to it as we do our Beau Updates!

What??! No 'Nip Juleps?!!

The East side of Manhattan was in Beau's line of vision on our return trip.

The Brooklyn Bridge was also a new site for Our Southern Gentleman, Beau!

 Crossing the Narrows between Brooklyn and Staten Island ~
stories are told about "infamous people" who may be in the Varrazano Bridge's footings, helping to "hold the Bridge up!!

As Beau "decompresses" from all the changes he has and is now experiencing, it is, and should be comforting to know he is in a home where he is Well and Truly Loved.
About 20 minutes after I left the two to get acquainted, I get a call from Barbara.
My heart dropped just a little, but Barbara just called to tell me "Beau is just King of the Castle Here! He's roaming all around, sniffing out everything!"
We marveled how brave he must be and how tired as well, and both expected him to find a favorite hidey place for a few weeks.
And then Barbara said, and I'll never forget the sound of her voice:
"Can you hear how happy I am?!"
There IS a lot of love there, and I felt a sense of peace, and a bit of the "warm and fuzzys",
because I sincerely believe Beau's Angel Mom Cathy is there with her precious Gentleman Cat, and with Beau's adopted momma, Barbara.