Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Days, Our Most Loyal Subjects!!

What a GLORIOUS SUPRISE We had last evening! The doorbell rang at about 6:00 p.m., and as Queen Mum allowed Jeeves the evening off, she answered the door personally. Our Kind Gentleman wearing Brown Shorts was at the door with a LARGE Parcel addressed to Us! Once Queen Mum carried it in, HM Queen Emily immediately began an examination of the large box, as she was anxious to play in it once it was empty. It's size was enticing to her, and she approved of it immediately. However, Our Dear Subjects, the box was only the FIRST toy! Once Queen Mum opened it, both HRH Prince Brutus and Queen Emily began to examine the interior of the box. It wasn't empty and ready to play in, as We first thought. There was this very intriquing contraption inside, pact very snugly, and and Queen Mum began to remove it, piece by piece, allowing us to inspect each piece for approval before assembling it. ( We have a faint idea where QM obtained her "carpentry" skills, but were told it was an old Family rumor; that there was not a grain of truth about the foreman of the Royal Carriage House decades ago. ) Once put together, We realized it was a Play House!Queen Mum then told us it was yet ANOTHER gift sent by Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, She Who Must Be Obeyed! It fit PERFECTLY into Our Playcorner, where Queen Mum kept one of Our beds, filled with all the toys, also given to us by Godmother Deb! We so long to see Godmother Deb again, as we owe her HOURS of kisses, noserubs and hugs for her neverending kindnesses to us! Queen Mum is sorting out a plan to put together another 'nip bag to hang on one of the three-level upper stories of the play house.

This morning, Queen Mum awoke at 6:30 a.m. a full hour later than she had become accustomed to, as the Young Royals regularly climbed into bed with her at 5:30 a.m. for morning games. Concerned, Queen Mum came into the Great Room, only to find all three of us, Queen Emily, Princess Marigold and Prince Brutus resting on various levels of the Royal Play House! Of course, you do know what came next?! Yes, the Silver Flash Box !! (Our Most Gracious Godmother's gift to Queen Mum a few weeks ago!)

We consider ourselves Most Blessed by Our Creator to have, as a Member of Our Royal Family, a Most Gracious, Most Dear to Our Hearts, Godmother Deb!

Well, as we retire to our rejuvinating midafternoon nap, we just wanted to inform You that the Royals, HM Queen Emily, HRH Princess Marigold and Prince Brutus have all been "tagged" in this fascinating game Our Cousins have been playing, so over the week-end, We will be participating in this game and anticipate a great amount of sport and fun!

Thank You All for visiting us today! Have a Lovely Weekend!


Emma's Kat said...

I so love the pic of HRH Emily and Prince Brutus investigating the contents of the parcel! So cute!

Your site isn't broken anymore!

Diva Kitty said...

Totally want one!

Anonymous said...

whoa! that's all the way wonnerful! we wants one REAL BAD!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I'm so glad that the Royals like their DLS! Such great pictures!!! Did everyone notice that the kitty treehouse is "rose" colored? :)

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We sure noticed the color, Godmother Deb. That is an awesome gift befitting the Royals and it seems they already can't get enough of it!

DEBRA said...

Wow what a gift!

Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh that looks fun. Moooooooooooooooooom can we get one of those?