Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello everyone!

Queen Mum has "issues" she needs to resolve with "Blogger" before she wishes to share even more photos of QEIII and the Young Royals. This is a photograph of Prince Brutus on the day He arrived from Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb in Houston, TX to Our home in Highland Park, NJ. The Royal Flight on Continental Airlines was a smooth one, but tiring, all the same. This is a photo of HRH Prince Brutus, succumbing to a nap onQueen Mum's ankles. Prince Brutus has grown so since arriving in New Jersey 4 weels ago! At last nap. he stretches out the entire length of Queen Mum's leg! HRH Princess Marigold, believe it or not, is now the size that Prince Brutus was in the photo!

Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb outdid herself in the last parcel recieved on Tuesday evening! It contained feather toys, name tags, clove oil for the Queen Mum's nasty toothache, and suprises of all suprises!! A Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera!! Queen Mum sorted out the picture taking functions and has been having a great amount of fun, following us about for "Kodak Moments"! The next function is to do something to transfer the photos to the computer so we can share with you. That will probably be as early as next week!

There is more exciting news! Fairy Godmother Karen C. of California, rescued a distant cousin of ours, who has been named by Godmother Deb after Karen C. - K.C. A badly misunderstood kitten when she was brough into a dreaded Animal Shelter and condemned into "the Back Room". One can only shudder to think! Well, Fairy Godmother Karen C. will be rescuing K.C., and on Saturday, she will be embarking on travel to Houston to meet Our Godmother Deb and Our Lady ML, who assists Us with "Tech Support" selflessly. Lady ML will ultimately be K.C.'s Mum, but will be spending time at Taylor House for a bit, first.

There is So much more good stories to share!! We shall post at a later date to share them with you all!

Do have a Most Blessed Day!