Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gentleman Cat Beau and his New Forever Home

Gentleman Beau will be living with Our Neighbour, Barbara Shephard, who has been longing for a pet!

When she still lived with her parents, she told me, she routinely had several random canines AND felines share her bed with her!

Barbara is Disabled, and as such finds herself home bound much of the time.

When I "introduced" her to Beau online, and spoke of his Mom Cathy having passed from her Earthly Pains to live with Our Lord, Barbara remarked that Cathy was young (younger than either one of us, by a few years) and "just starting out in life".

We did discuss how it may take Beau time, weeks perhaps to acclimate himself to his new home and New Adoptive Momma, but as I know from experience, Barbara is the soul of patience!

While in the hospital first last year, and then again this past January, Barbara came over, well, several times, to check on the Royals, take out their precious Temptations and feed them to all three Royals one at a time.
For Brutus? THAT is remarkable! He insists I serve them by the Texas Handful!