Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The "Crisis" is over.

I am moving with the Royals on August 1st, 2008. Third Floor. Mama needs to buy 2 window perches so the Royals can see birds fly at their proper altitude. They may need NASA-Employee Extrodinaire ML to teach them Air Traffic Control patterns of Avians over Highland Park, New Jersey, as this will be a new one on them!

Also, thank you for your prayers, all appreciated, if only for my kittehs, who I care about more than is healthy. (just a note...my Amazing Veterinarian, Dr. Goldsmith offered to put the kitts up if "worse came to worse", and we'd work the details out later. Then he asked if Brutus was still coughing!)

I want to post another Butch Walker Video for you today.

He is my Guru. He has such life experience in his young years that I envy him. Please, take some time to visit You Tube, search for Butch's videos, and have a good time! (Do watch his "live" vids where he shares his substantial heart with his audience) Failing that, Google his lyrics. They will, WILL touch your hearts.
Later, friends...

The Marvelous Three - Butch Walker - "Freak of the Week"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Everyone! Meet Amy!!! Amy's plight was
posted on Skeleton
Crew's MySpace...well,
best let Paula tell you
Amy's Story...

Skeleton Crew
Jul 13, 2008 9:27 PM
Body: Beautiful Pitbull Needs home she is may be killed in a day
"Amy" needs your help. She is in a high kill Shelter
From my friend Paula:"it's called "black dog syndrom". Many loving dogs in need of good homes are being overlooked and underappreciated and under adopted at shelters nationwide and they all share the one thing in common, their "black coats". Amy was brought to a high kill shelter in Brooklyn 6/30/2007. she is 2 years old and at 50 pounds she is a very healthy girl. As sweet as she is she has been overlooked by the public. It is true that black dogs and cats have a harder time at the shelter...so I am advocating for this beautiful little girl. She looks like she was in a home right before she got to the shelter due to her beautiful coat and weight. If you would like to rescue this dog please call Paula (917)325-4715. Amy is going to need plenty of exercise and would do best in a home without small children or cats. if you have dogs I can meet you at the shelter and do a meet and greet to see if they get along. This is an urgent request since the shelter gave me 24 hours to find her a home.
Now, among many reasons people encounter to be forced to give up their Fuzzes of all Makes and Models is - let's face it - "The Economy". Families' have either lost the ability to adequately feed themselves, let alone a pet, and so they give them up in hopes that SOMEONE will come along and see THEIR Beloved pet for the Beautiful Soul it is, among the close to 100 other Beloved Souls, and Take Their Pet Home.
The competition is very VERY stiff.
Besides the economic reason of another mouth to feed, there may be a darker reason - the family has been forced into Foreclosure, and they themselves have no where to live. Having been down the path of Homelessness, I can attest to the fact that the last thing any Social Agency Worker wants to hear from you is a plaintive cry "But What About My Pet?!" Frankly, they don't Give a Damn.
I'm posting Amy's and Paula's Story in a belief system I hold: The Six Degrees of Separation.
Yeah, it was a movie, but based on an old belief system. We are all connected to someone through 6 other people.
So, if you know of someone who may know of someone who perhaps has a large back yard, and maybe someone else can hold a Church/Temple fundraiser to feed Amy until Her Forever Family finds her - and I'm sure they will. Won't you please either contact Paula at the phone number she listed above, or at her e-mail pjjp07@verizon.net . Or, contact me at
emilyrose.myres@yahoo.com . I'm considering a PayPal Donation campaign for Amy's keep in the short-term, but quite literally her hours are numbered. Something along the lines of 24...and counting...
Please, PLEASE HELP if you can!
Karma's a Good Thing! It will repay you over and over again!
Blessings y'all...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Much Ado in a Hot Jersey July

Hello Friends!
I know, long time, no post.
Well, anyone wanna share about their copy of
The Black Parade is Dead
- Sp.Edition, or otherwise?
I recieved my Special Edition on Saturday.
I've Got Frankie's Mask!!!
I actually haven't watched the DVD yet.
you may say.
and so do I.
By way of explanation:
I'm moving on August 1st,
and aside from the usual packing, throwing or giving away stuff, etc
I have a
Really. Bitchy. Landlady.
to deal with.
See, I'm trying to get out of my lease, because this WAY cuter, safer apartment became available. Hitch is: I'm on a Housing Voucher from the state of NJ. By virtue of that status, I am allowed to switch vouchers before the end of any lease.
I am meeting resistance from the State Workers, who generally
and are just waiting for their State Pensions.
So, it's call after call. Voice mails not returned.
They can't claim phone tag, I gave them my cell number.
But!! Extra Work?!!
as a reward...I am planning a
for myself...
as a sort of an
Apartment Warming Partay.
Sometime after August first.
like My Chem's next tour.
RSVP via comment, e-mail or
Homing Pigeon...
No, nix the pigeon...Have Kittehs.

That. Are. Not. Vegan.
(oh, a random question: do you think Frank and Jamia feed their Woofies Veggie Kibble???)Actually!
I'm excited for y'all to read this cool link I found that's about MCR's concert at New York's Madison Square Garden May 9th.
Your Sister in Ferardness Was Present.
~~le sigh~~
Can I has Iconz???!!!!
I'll luv ya until infiniti
{{makes kissifaces}}
eeeewwww #2
Anyway, enough with the threats of kissies...
There's a cute little MSG-CAM vid where they went to speak to random people as they let the house in. I was walking behind the girl who has the "Hi Five for Ray Toro" Sign.
I was in line a few people behind her before they opened the gates.
Yeah of course I "hi-5'd" her!
She was cute. Loads of sugar and caffiene, I'm guessing.
(I think I tried to duck out of the frame, as if there was an arrest warrant out for me...never know, bein' from Jersey n' all)
Cutest little "Cameo Appearance" of some two boy's mom at the end
{Interesting, how the kids who approached her didn't recognize Handsome Don who, it so happens, is also The Sweetest Man On.This.Planet.}
Must be the DNA...
Well, my Sweet Peas, I shall wrap this up and
Enjoy the link!!!!