Monday, October 17, 2011

~~ One Paw Forward, Three Paws Back? ~~

I thought I would let all know how Beau is adapting to his new life in New Jersey.
I need to confide in you - I am worried.
Friday marked the 2nd week of his journey North,
and he has not ventured forth from his hiding corner except for his basic needs.
He eats his kibble, but has forsaken what was his beloved Gerber Baby Food treat.
I insist he receive only spring or filtered water, and have to hope he is getting it.

Because of her multiple disabilities, and being over the level where she qualifies for Home Health Aide assistance, Barbara finds herself in an untidy environment.
Perfect for a Senior Gentlemancat who wishes to hide.

But I wish he would come out.
As of this writing, he has not allowed Barbara to pet him.
He ventures out to play only with the wand toys, just a little bit, and then retreats.
He still occasionally hisses at her.

My heart is breaking for him, so last Saturday, I insisted on seeing him.
I did not like the comments "Oh I can hear him back there" day in and day out.
I have orthopaedic issues with my right knee and back, old riding injuries.
(or should I say, "falling injuries"?)
If I had to move stacks of magazines chairs and a dinosaur of a computer Barb is keeping for sentimental reasons, I was prepared to do that.
It is behind the computer where Beau has sought sanctuary.
Upon seeing me, he hissed, ears slightly back.
Instead of trying to speak in a Very Bad Southern accent, I just began to speaking to him as I do to my kits.
Especially to my Big Red Texas Mancat.
He hissed twice more, but with ears perked and looking at me with a confused expression.
I have had animals non-stop since my early memories, and I can read body language of not just cats, but dogs, horses, heck, even chickens and roosters!
So, I had Beau interested in me!
I underestimated the obstacles between me and Beau, so instead of trying to clear the way, which may have prompted him to seek shelter elsewhere, I reached behind me for a fev-ver wand toy.
I began to tease Our Gentleman Beau, accusing him of  being  "all Hiss and no Action"!
In a position I hope to one day study comfortably in a Yoga class, I played with Beau while stretched to my current brink.  As a parting test, I put the toy down, and reached in to touch him, but he was far from my grasp, rubbish be damned.
But he didn't hiss!

While Barbara loves him, mostly sight unseen, and she does provide for him as best she can,
I have a fear this Adoption is not "taking".
Barbara's desire to keep Beau is not in my opinion the best thing for him.
The toys so kindly sent to him remain untouched, even lost among items Barbara can not pick up.

I have enlisted the help of Our Property Manager, who is a truly lovely woman, and cares for Barbara's physical as well as emotional well-being.
At this point in time, I am nearly certain I need to take Beau away from her, but due to past emotional issues, this will be difficult without causing great emotional pain.
Carol, our Property Manager
in conjunction with Barbara's Clinician need to convince Barbara it is for Beau's good he come to live with me, "for the time being".

I need to ask in earnest for all your prayers and purrayers to ease this further transition for Our Gentleman Beau and  for the safety that will let Barbara release Beau into my care.
Until we receive further word from Beau's Aunt Teresa.

I would also appreciate a prayer or two as well, because while I wrestle with this issue and pray for a quick resolution for Beau's Final Forever Home,
Brutus has been coughing more frequently and longer each time.

I take my culpability on fully, and if I had questioned Barbara in depth, perhaps I could have avoided this issue.
But I know only what Barbara was willing to share.

We need a speedy resolution, I would so love this to happen this week.
But in God's time, not mine.

Again, please pray for the best outcome for Beau, and for healing and if needed, acceptance on Mom Barbara's part.

I have had contingency plans all along in the event Beau needs to come in with Us.
He will have full access to my bedroom, while the Royals make his acquaintance through the door.
He will be well.
Gentleman Beau is a Survivor.
I recognize that in him.

With your prayers and God's hand,
and Beau's Angel Mom, Cathy looking on, we will assure Beau a Happily Ever After.

Thank You.
It seems Beau has been leaving, uhhh, what The Royals know as
"Ca Ca Poo Poo" -
This is the first I've heard about it.
There IS a medium Lab Mix that lives in the apartment across from her.
I had told Barbara to find an old towel to put under the door, so the doggie smell doesn't come in.
She is unable to do that.
I made the suggestion that Beau is obviously nervous and not happy.
Why not allow him to live with Us until he's settled in, and gradually get him to know her again.
She has agreed!
Gentleman Beau may well be living with Us by Weeks' End!