Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good Mornng Our Dearest Subjects!

Well, Queen Mother is in an anxious mood today. Truth be known, since 11:30 p.m. last night when She was instructed to withhold food and water from Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold. HM Queen Emily, apart from being hungry and thirsty herself, seems to be empathising with The Young Royals as she, too, once Bravely and with Great Fortitude faced her own Trial-by- V-E-T. As of this moment, all three of the Royals are playing furiously as per their usual frantic morning exercise ritual. At 9:30 a.m. this morning, QM will summon the Royal License Taxi to transport the Young Royals to the V-E-T, and will very reluctantly leave them in their care. Providence has them in His Care, of course. Queen Emily, We anticipate will search the Royal House of Myres endlessly until their safe return tomorrow.

In the mean time, We would like to leave you with a poem sent to the Royal Household by Our Most Beloved Lady ML, who is Princess Marigold's inspiration, and is adored by all the Royals.

We will post tomorrow to announce the Good News of the safe return of Prince Brutus from his Hoo-Ha-Ectomy, and of Princess Marigold from her Lady-Garden-Ectomy. In the mean time, a little prayer sent up in Their behalf as they overnight in the Recovery Kennels with their favourite blankie, given them while mere kits by Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb will hopefully lull them into a peaceful slumber overnight. To All Our Favoured Subjects, have a Blessed Day!

Do Not Go Peaceable to That Damn Vet
by Dylan Thomas's Cat

Do not go peaceable to that damn vet,
A cat can always tell a trip is due,
Hide, hide, when your appointment time is set.

Wise cats who watched, and learned the alphabet,
And never let men know how much they knew,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet.

Young cats who want to keep their claws to whet
On sofa legs, and save their privates, too,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

Sick cats, poor things, whose stomachs are upset,
But hate to eat some vile-smelling goo,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet.

Old cats who have no wish to sleep just yet,
And plan to live another year or two,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

And though your human sweetly calls his pet,
Or rants and raves until his face is blue,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

From the book by Henry Beard
Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse