Tuesday, April 27, 2010

 It's Tem - Tay - Shuns Toosday
With The Royals!!
On Monday Eve, Our QM heard a light knock at our front entrance.
When she opened the door, not a soul was in sight, yet at Her feet lay 2 BOXES!

Being as she was on "the inside track" as to the origins of these lovely USPS Parcels,
We, as always came straightaway to sniff out all the lovely places these packs of delight had been.
"Is that, was that B.J.?" thought HRH Prince Brutus.
HM Queen Emily In Her Wisdom knew it was, along with Faith Boomerang and Sol,  and Our very dear furriend K.C.
Daddy Charlie had lent a hand, as did Smokey and of Course, Dame Missy Blue Eyes.
All could not mistake the sweet, loving and all embracing essence of Our Most Beloved Auntie ML!

My, but the parcels smelled delish!
All dutifully inspected each pressie as QM lifted them out of the first box, which included a lovely reversible blankie in a "cool Retro Print" (description courtesy of Marigold, The Princess Emo of the 'Scene') of lovely cats on an olive green background, which came with a coordinating plushie toy.
This blankie was further enhanced with the freshest organic 'Nip, the quality of which Aunie ML has set the standard for.

BUT THE BEST BOX, in Brutus' opinion was the second one, which upon opening seemingly contain a mother-lode of the treat to end all treats, Tem - Tay - Shuns, Chick-hen flavour!
Oh, how beautiful the pile became as each and every bag was placed upon the table, that between the fresh Organic 'Nip, the new plush blankie and a mound of yellow bags with that siren-like crackle when touched, that all manners were forgotten by the Prince, and He did as any Mancat would do:
Laid Claim to the lot of it!

This is all well and good, as tomorrow morning the Royals meet with Dr. Elliot for their wellness check and most importantly, documents attesting to their robust health.

We hope you all have a peace-filled Toosday full of treats and fun, as well!

Rose and the Spoiled-with-Love Royals