Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Sunday Morning, Our Loyal Subjects!

Today, it is HRH Prince Brutus' turn to participate in the "Five Things About You" game that You have all been participating in. Prince Brutus was "tagged" by Sir Junior Man of the Royal House of Iceland. He is most pleased to have been selected to play this game, as HM Queen Emily did so enjoy her turn!

So here are the Five habits/things that Prince Brutus indulges in.

1.) The Prince loves to "help" Queen Mum make the Royal Bed up in the mornings, however, he tends to make more lumps than he smoothes out.

2.) Royal Decorum aside, The Prince makes himself the fool when shown what he refers to as a "fev-ver" toy. Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, SWMBO, had sent several feather toys for the Royals, and they are the Prince's favorite. Next only to whatever HRH Princess Marigold is playing with at the time.

3.) The Prince has copied Queen Emily's lead and is now a faucet drinker. Sometimes, being as rude about it as pushing Her Majesty aside for his turn!

4.) Water holds great attraction for the Prince, actually. The 4th silliest thing he does is hop into the shower as Queen Mum is finishing up. Once the faucet stops, he likes to assist Queen Mum dry off by licking her ankles. Queen Mum allows this, as she believes it must be good for her circulation. However, a few days ago, the shower drain backed up, and the water rose to above-ankle height. Not realizing this, Prince Brutus jumped in as usual, and found himself tummy-deep in soapy water. This time, Queen Mum had to dry the Prince off.

5.) Lastly, Prince Brutus has honed his skills as a Ladies' Cat to the highest order. One must admit, the Prince does have a good eye for the female form! When Queen Mum has Tea with a Ladyfriend, the Prince wastes no time in making her acqaintence. If he favours one especially, he will leave a token of his affection in her handbag. The Lady in question is always suprised when reaching into her bag to find one of the Prince's favourite toys.

Well, there it is then! Prince Brutus would like to thank Sir Junior Man of the Royal House of Iceland for the challenge!

And now, The Prince wishes to "tag" his first Love, Sanjee, of The House of (Mostly) Black Cats. Simply in the spirit of good sport, of course...

Thanks to all for visiting Us this Sunday. Have a Blessed Day!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! Finally got an internet connection! Love the picture of Emily from yesterday & Brutus today! The Taylor Cats also like to "help" make up the bed. Try doing this task with five feline assistants! :) Lots of Love to the Royals & Rose!!

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Prince Brutus! You's growin fast! And yoru collar is furry handsome on you. I likes to help Grandma make up her bed too. But usually the lump left in it is me hidin under the covers. hehehe
I's tagged? Is this just any 5 things bout me, I wonder. I'll have to get 5 together.

Emma's Kat said...

Too cute! And what a handsome boy you are Brutus!

Cecilia said...

Wow Brutus, you are getting big. And you are a very handsom young man.

Anonymous said...

hey - what's this Make The Bed fun we're missin out on?

Rose said...

Well, in the morning, when Q Mum awakes, she proceeds to rearrange the coverings on the bed, to look presentable. We, all three of us, attempt to help Q Mum smooth and tidy up, to lessen the chore for her. However, she does on occasion tell us to remove ourselves from the bed so she can finish properly. That confuses Us, since we are not known to do anything least, We don't think so...