Wednesday, November 02, 2011

BEAU - Video...Interaction Apres V-E-T!

Just wanted to post this video I took of Beau today.  I feel pretty confident that in, ohhhh, another 2 weeks he just might let me close enough to take off that dang harness that's twisted around and looking all miserable on him.  Dr. Steinberg advised I NOT try for fear of another bite. (My hand is, I would say, 90% better, buit tomorrow I think I might make an appointment with the I.D. Specialist, because my knuckles on my left hand are still sore and swollen.  I just don't want anyone reporting this bite to any authorities.  "Authorative Types" are generally @$$-XXXX, well, fill in the "blank"!)

Brutus is NOT faring well at all this time.  She gave me a referral, of a specialized Vet that can do diagnostics, which he never really had, to confirm Asthma or something else - a "Lavage" of his lungs.
Also, it's been 4 years since he's had a full work-up...I want him to outlive me, so I need to get onto this asap...

I will try to post Videos to YouTube first then sending them here, because I think - well, hope - Blogger is happier this way.

Enjoy your Thursday.
Please rest assured Beau has more than enough food and litter for quite some time, many thanks!  He's not felt comfortable about his "Ham-mick" (I think he feels a little too "exposed" in it) but Brutus is lovin' his, thank you Mo!  (It is now withstanding 22.8lbs of Red Texas ManCat - I can't believe he GAINED A POUND since JUNE!  Oy!  And I've had him on Iams DIET formula!  His "Tinker Bell Laser", unfortunately met an early demise.)  He will chase that when he's feeling well.
He will feel well again.
I hope.

If you could hear my speaking on the video, I mentioned Beau had been on my bed - to walk across it, but still, I felt it was a significant move forward.

Well, look what I just saw him do!

We are Quite Amused.