Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Della needs an upgrade...STAT!

Hello Friends and Foe...(Foes?)

I have been bad. Very Bad.

I have been asking Della - my trusty PC - to do more than what Her Makers intended for her. Hence, I'm having a hell of a time uploading pictures anymore. I have Kodak software, and it's always been a battle with it. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it, to the same end. Do you think the fact I have close to 2,800 pictures, videos and audio files saved (on 512MB) has anything to do with it? (Okay, I.T., I HEARD THAT!!)

The most recent scare came when I was trying to insert the USB cable...I got an error message something to the effect that I "just went and fried the USB port and I will suffer a long and painful death, if the Universe has anything to say about it".
I'm afraid. I'm VERY afraid.

My action plan is as follows: Since there is an open port left, I would like to buy another 512MB drive, have it installed or call Ask-A-Geek and find out where I get the doo-hickey that unscrews the screw-like things on the back of the whats-it and hope I don't effectively cause Della to flatline. We'll see. This is probably a procedure best left to professionals.

In the mean time, I give you a photo or two of The Royals, as all three make me feel another year older.

Peace Out!