Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forgotten Fotos!

Well, it was bound to happen.  The quasi-smart phone was dropped and dampened too many times to be of service any longer.  Yet, it's still 3 months before I'd be allowed to take advantage of an "upgrade" (i.e. a new phone with a discount!)
When I got that phone 2 years ago, it had this nifty camera feature and I took tons of Royal photos with it!
I remembered where I put the Micro SD Adapter and prayed for the best.
New pictures, never before seen on the innerwebs!
(We thinks...)
Brutus' Pilates Chair has fallen out of favor, since we ordered a Pet Fusion Cat Lounger.
By accident, as I had it standing against the bookcase as I ran the Sucky Monster over the carpet,
I found they rather liked it on a vertical plane, too!

Oddest thing, but over the Summer, these once very close siblings have gotten rather cranky with one another - any ideas why?  It's sad to see them bat at each other!

Why yes, that IS an "Elongated Seat"!

Have to get them to kiss and make up...:`(

Angel Beau's "Aunt T" sent the Royals fresh new refills for their Turbo-thingies, and HM Emily HAD to be first.  But of course!