Friday, September 30, 2011

Beau's Trip From The Airport

This is the limo that QM Rose "lived in" most of today, on the journey to pick up Gentleman Beau from the airport.

Sweet Beau, his expression says it all.
He was in the limo with QM Rose, headed to his forever home. Love this photo.

More to come!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 30, 2011 ~~ Beau's Itinerary


Beau's Aunt Teresa will be taking Beau to meet his flight, American Airlines # 4656,
departing 10:29am Central time.
It is a 764mi/2hour,9 minute flight.
Beau will arrive at NewYork's LaGuardia Airport
at 1:29pm EST.
(side note: AA has an 77% "On Time" average, so QM will have to dust off her Patience in the event of a delay)

A Car service was chosen based on name alone:
Blessed Limos of Edison NJ.
When Dennis, the owner asked how we came to select his services, we just commented of all those in the phone book, "Blessed Limo" seemed like a good ride!

Once Beau is collected at American Airlines "Priority Parcel" terminal, it will be a good 1 1/2 hour drive home, if no one sneezes.

In any event, We expect to be surprising New Mom Barbara at about 4:30pm.

Barbara has no camera, so we will have to loan her ours, with the stipulation she return it by Monday!  That may sound mean, but Miss Barbara has a tendency to "collect" things.
At present, she has 1 of our dinner plates and the last 2 of our "company drinking glasses"!!

We need to thank those who are sending up Kitty Shower pressies (I haven't mention them to Barbara yet!) and the donations went entirely for litter pans, scoops, bowls, litter, food and a few toys to welcome him to his new home, until Aunt Teresa has a chance to send his personal things up.
In the package, there will be a few things of Angel Mom's Cathy - a pillow, perhaps a sweater, and a few other things.
Barbara has crocheted an afghan for Beau already, so Beau will have all the time he needs to acquaint himself with his Mom II whilst he senses his Angel Mom with him always.

There WILL be photos to follow!

Thank you all, and Blessings to Everyone!

Barbara and QM Rose
The Neighborly Royals
and Our New Neighbor
Gentleman Cat Beau

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gentleman Cat Beau and his New Forever Home

Gentleman Beau will be living with Our Neighbour, Barbara Shephard, who has been longing for a pet!

When she still lived with her parents, she told me, she routinely had several random canines AND felines share her bed with her!

Barbara is Disabled, and as such finds herself home bound much of the time.

When I "introduced" her to Beau online, and spoke of his Mom Cathy having passed from her Earthly Pains to live with Our Lord, Barbara remarked that Cathy was young (younger than either one of us, by a few years) and "just starting out in life".

We did discuss how it may take Beau time, weeks perhaps to acclimate himself to his new home and New Adoptive Momma, but as I know from experience, Barbara is the soul of patience!

While in the hospital first last year, and then again this past January, Barbara came over, well, several times, to check on the Royals, take out their precious Temptations and feed them to all three Royals one at a time.
For Brutus? THAT is remarkable! He insists I serve them by the Texas Handful!

Monday, September 19, 2011


The pirate speaks,"Ahoy!! Welcome Aboard Our Ship, T' Royal Pain-in-the-Arses!
This be Our first Meow Like a Pirate Day, and it be takin' forever for Old Queen Mum t' write t' all our Pirate Furriends, Egads!
May we offer you some refreshments? A Drink or perhaps a bite t' eat? Aye! You have many visits t' make today! Thank you for your company!
Smooth sailin', and Remember! Grog Responsibly!
Cap'n Brutus
t'Wench Emo Mari
Queen Emily and
T' Old Queen Mum, Rose "

Our thanks to Mom Jan of Jan's Funny farm for Our graphic, Aye!

Friday, September 09, 2011

~~~ To Our Sister, Cathy and her Gentleman Cat, Beau ~~~

We met you on The Daily Kitten, and continued your furriendshio as a Fuzz Family Member on Cat's Cat of the Day
Beau shared the most inspired messages on his Sunday Sermons, and although we seldom commented - we are now pretty much lurkers, but we know you understand - we looked forward to them, because they refreshed our soul, and comforted us. Mostly, they refreshed and reminded us in the Awesome Power which is God's, through His Son Jesus Christ.
You rest in Our Lord's Arms today, Cathy.
Soon we will have our
"Fuzz Family Reunion", and all our "Fuzzbabies" will be our guests of Honour!
Until then, rest peacefully in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

"QM" Rose

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Post Labor Day

I'm very sorry for startling some of you on Saturday, but I woke to disturbing news; news I did not think could be resolved or repaired, and I was, to say the least, in Deep Mourning. 
Friends are very special Beings, because God only allocates so very precious Few of them to us, over a Lifetime!
Well, be that as it may, we were touched and saddened that we caused such an uproar in a time meant to celebrate the Lady and Kitty behind The Cat Blogosphere.
We Never meant to Steal Anyone's Thunder! (QM's old Theatre Manager Lingo-need to know it's meaning? Leave a comment! We'll get right back to you!)

QM has seen more Labor Day Holidays come and go than She is willing to admit to here.  It was in one comment, on The Island Cats' Blog, that She realised what Labor Day actually is.

"Here’s a little secret from Your Yankee Royals…iffen a certaim Politikal Partee has it’s way, “Labor Day” will become Extinct!! YES!! See, Labor Day was meant to celebrate Workers’ Rights and Safety, and the Workers formed “Unions”. Well, there are those Hoomins who are greedy for the green papers, so many they could never spend them in Our Nine Lives, that they will break down these Hoomin Unions. And then, No safety for Our Hoomins, No fair working hours for Our hoomins…No fair green papers for our hoomins…Sad…If Our hoomins suffer, We suffer…that’s just Our opinion on things, as we’re not Really Royal, after all...

We do wish you all a good-what’s left of the Day Off Wherever You Are!!

Oh and pee ess…QM was “having a moment” over the week-end…we ain’t goin’ no wheres…

If ya need Us, just gotta holla!

Rose and the

NJ Street 'Hood Royals

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I am celebrating my combined Birthday and Gotcha Day on Sept 2. The party will last all weekend. There will be a small donation to The Cat Protection Society for each and every visitor who come by over the long weekend celeberation. So put on your party hats and shoes and come to help this granny cat celebrate in style! Purrs, Momo

Friday, September 02, 2011

~~~ Labor of Love ~~~

To Our Beloved ML,
Your heart is pure and golden, with room enough for every critter who visits the Cat Blogosphere.
You feel the happiness - and the sadness of everyone who shares
with all of Us on the "CB"
This Weekend, We try to "pay forward" for your 24/7/365 dedication to keep The Cat Blogosphere on the Interweb, free of any dues or charges.
Also, you invite us all into the Sherwood House to visit with all the kitties that have come to find you.
Because it is true, they each came to you.
Their Angels directed them to!
This weekend is just a small token of your - And KC's! - hard work!
As Emo-Mari might put it:
"You Rock!"
Thank You.
With Love,
Brutus, Marigold
Emily, and QM Rose