Friday, September 02, 2011

~~~ Labor of Love ~~~

To Our Beloved ML,
Your heart is pure and golden, with room enough for every critter who visits the Cat Blogosphere.
You feel the happiness - and the sadness of everyone who shares
with all of Us on the "CB"
This Weekend, We try to "pay forward" for your 24/7/365 dedication to keep The Cat Blogosphere on the Interweb, free of any dues or charges.
Also, you invite us all into the Sherwood House to visit with all the kitties that have come to find you.
Because it is true, they each came to you.
Their Angels directed them to!
This weekend is just a small token of your - And KC's! - hard work!
As Emo-Mari might put it:
"You Rock!"
Thank You.
With Love,
Brutus, Marigold
Emily, and QM Rose