Friday, September 22, 2006

Hello to all Our Beloved Subjects!!

Here are Our Lovely Young Royals, HRH Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold a week following their LadyGarden/Hoo-Ha-ectomies, and they are in tip-top shape! We would like to thank you all for keeping Us in your purrayers, as we did feel the energies of Our Creator At Work to guide the V-E-T's hand and guide The Young Royals through a swift and "unremarkable " recovery!

HM Queen Emily was most distressed at the Queen Mother for removing the Young Royals from the House of Myres. When Queen Mum returned without them the first eve, Queen Emily looked disdainfully upon QM, turned tail and walked out of the room. When Queen Mum returned with The Young Royals next morning, a great purr of relief was heard as Queen Emily ignored the smells of "The V-E-T Hospital" upon them, and stayed close by them whilst they slept.

This morning, having forgotten to close the windows against the chilly night air, Queen Mum found that Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold discovered a "cozy" solution to the problem.We attempted to post the short videw QM took of this clever solution, but Blogger gave Us difficulties posting it...We Were Not Amused. However, there is a link to this video on You Tube by clicking on this link:

We hope you had a good week, and enjoy a restful weekend! Thank you all for visiting!!

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!!!!