Monday, April 30, 2012

The V-E-T Cometh...

Taken yesterday afternoon. Think if you "biggify", you can see his tongue!

Hi everyone,
Wanted to leave a brief update on Beau for you.
He's gotten weaker in body, but by no means in Spirit.
He's taken cover inside the cabinet of the old China closet I use for books and such.
That doesn't worry me too much, as he liked to snooze in there often. He just gave me a start around 2:30AM when I came out to check on him, and he wasn't laying where he'd been the past few weeks.
He's lost weight, but still, the Interest is there.
I set about feeding the Royals this morning, and Beau came out to watch.
I offered him a sliver of turkey breast, that he at first refused, but then ate.
I about carved the remainder of the breast for him.
He did eat more, had a long drink and sat in a nice sun puddle for awhile, and is now
back in the cupboard.
Dr. Elliott will be stopping by today, and at the very least I hope she can get some blood from him for Labs, but mostly, I'm praying she will offer to take Beau into the clinic for me.
I'll have time to work out details to fetch him home.
He Is A Survivor.

We Shall Report Back.

Thank you so very much for keeping Beau in your purrayers today.

Queen Mum

Monday, April 09, 2012

Many Happy Birthday Returns!

When there is an animal in need ~ it comes to Marg's door.
When there is an animal lost ~ it seeks out Marg.
When there is an animal wanting loving care ~ it will find that with Marg.
A special lady who never turns away any animal ~ the cats, the dogs, the goats, the donkeys,
all are welcomed by her.  None are special ~ all are special.
Marg is always doing for others, organizing and running auctions to
raise funds in support of others in need, never asking for anything in return.
~ ~ ~
But on Monday, April 9 we can give back to this special lady.
It is her special day ~ so please, visit and wish her the happiest of birthdays,
and thank her for all she does for so many.


Today is also The Royal's,Brutus and Marigold's 6th Birthday, which QM Rose decreed it Their Official Birthday,
as QM's Mum, Rose, celebrated Her birthday April 9th, as well.
Today would have been QM's Mum Rose's 90th Anniversary of Her Birth.
Very Very Special Birthdays fall on April 9th!
From Brutus and Marigold, to Marg - 
Thank You a Million Times Over for your tireless work on Our behalf!
Happy Birthday!