Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Status Update: Brutus
We Are Improving!

I had been coughing every few days throughout April. When We had Dr. Elliott visit us, she could not hear anything amiss, so she advised QM to keep an eye on me, and to call in any changes.
Well, throughout May, my cough increased in frequency until on Thursday morning, May 27th, QM timed my coughing spells to 1 every 30 minutes or so.
She had prednisone, and as sneaky as ever, made me take that nasty pill 3 times that morning.
The next day, QM rang Dr. Elliott up asking for advice.
Nothing new in the flat~same litter, Stinky Goodness and kibble, even some Healthy Treats sent to Us by a Lovely Lady, Jamie Smith of !
Organic, healthy stuff, plus a new toys and Healthy Kibble!

Dr. Elliott advised her to give me my prednisone on a new dose schedule, and I heard something about a "neb-U-lizer".
In the mean time, I'm being good!

~I'm getting plenty  of rest!~
Good Nutrition is im-paw-tent!
QM had the makings for Cheezburgers at the ready!
~Warm cuddles with my sisfur, Emo-Mari feels SO good!~

 Dr. Elliott is here with one of her kittehs, Cleopatra.  Dr. Elliott 
is an alumna of Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine, 
Class of 1994! 

We Love Our Auntie ML, who is also Our GodMommy!
We've been fussed to think she's been feelin' poorly, so QM
took this video so we can say how much we ♥ her!

Queen Mum can't thank effuryone enough for sending all the healing energy 
and purrs and prayers!
She says it's the reason I don't have an infekshun by now!
Thank You to all our True Furriends!
We ♥ you all, too!!