Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Sunday Morning, Everyone!

We have been side-stepping Our responsibility, and for that We do apologise. It has been awhile now since Sir Pounce, of the House of Katnippia, "tagged" HRH Princess Marigold to reveal five puursonal facts about Herself. Well, to be truthful, She has had a difficult time deciding on which facts to share with Our Faithful Subjects, as she has so many endearing traits. She believes now, with Queen Mum's assistance, she has a suitable list, done in good fun and sport to share.

Fact #1.

Her Highness delights in escaping from her collar, much to the dismay of Queen Mum. But she has yet to find a place to hide it where QM cannot find it!

Fact #2.

Princess Marigold, weighing a mere four pounds, is quite an accomplished wrestler! She has her brother, HRH Prince Brutus to thank for that. This does leave the Prince in a pickle now, as Her Highness often uses fine Greco-Roman maneuvers to "take down" her 5.7oz brother.

Fact #3.

Her Highness is fast becoming quite the gourmet sous chef! She will climb up to Queen Mum's shoulder to assist in spices and herb selection, and is quite willing to taste the food as it is being prepared. The Princess has quite the refind palate!

Fact #4.

HRH Queen Emily has taken the Princess underer wing, so to speak, and Princess Marigold is a quick study. She is an example of refinement, contrasting with The Prince, who is quite typical of a Young Royal; fortunately, We have been able to keep some of his, shall we say, rowdy behaviours out of those dreadful newspapers. We hope in time Princess Marigold will show her brother by example how a Royal must conduct themselves. We are most pleased with HRH Princess Marigold!

Fact #5.

The Princess does have a very hearty appetite, especially for salmon prepared by The Queen Mum. QM is quite amused by the Young Royals "demands" to have a taste, and so will carefully cool several bits for each of them. This must also stay out of the papers, if you would be so kind, as it could be misinterpreted as gluttony instead of the Princess' refind palate appreciating a well cooked piece of salmon; she will eat her portion with gusto, then take the Prince's bits as well!

Princess Marigold, on the whole, is a delight to be with, and We are most pleased and amused by her youthful vigor and antics!

Thank you all for visiting! Have a pleasant week!

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