Friday, September 09, 2011

~~~ To Our Sister, Cathy and her Gentleman Cat, Beau ~~~

We met you on The Daily Kitten, and continued your furriendshio as a Fuzz Family Member on Cat's Cat of the Day
Beau shared the most inspired messages on his Sunday Sermons, and although we seldom commented - we are now pretty much lurkers, but we know you understand - we looked forward to them, because they refreshed our soul, and comforted us. Mostly, they refreshed and reminded us in the Awesome Power which is God's, through His Son Jesus Christ.
You rest in Our Lord's Arms today, Cathy.
Soon we will have our
"Fuzz Family Reunion", and all our "Fuzzbabies" will be our guests of Honour!
Until then, rest peacefully in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

"QM" Rose