Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emo-Mari "Spills de beens"

We have become aware of a correspondence Our Emo-Mari has sent to KC regarding Our Current Health Status.
Since she was so succinct in describing the issues
We will simply copy her communique
for you here.

 Deer KC,
We wanted ta tell ya direktly so's your mum, Our Auntie ML won't get all sad n worried n all.

It is just that QM found out t'day she has complikations frum th' surjury the Human Cutting V-E-T- did to her last week and now she's very hurty and swollen in her tummy an' may have to go back to that terribil place that made her smell real awful when she came home Friday! After she came outa the rain room, she smelt more like Our Mum, but she hasnt wanted noms and we's can't lay on her belly fur scritches nomore!

QM needs purrs so's she can heel and not hafta go to th' nasty room where they cut 'beans open in.  All this fur nuthin'.  Your Mommy ML told hers to wait 'till we's get ta Texas, but QM has a hard head.  Now her belleh is almost as hard and we lay wit her and purr, purr like krazykats!

THanx KC fur bein' a real RAD repurrter!

Yer cuzin'
Emo Mari