Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Room with a View

I do understand your concerns for Beau, as mine are One Hundredfold that he acclimate to his new environment and Momma Barb who in NO WAY can mean or take the place of Cathy in Beau's precious furry heart.
I apologise as I take my own turn with illness, beginning Tuesday afternoon and still am unwell.

What I can tell you is that Beau seems to be playing "hard to get" with his new Lady Barbara.
Whilst she was out yesterday morning, she knew he'd been about the room exploring for the things left in different places: ex: her spider plant.
In our building, Management doesn't allow us to hang anything from the ceilings, and that would be the ideal home for a spider plant.
So as second best, Barbara has been keeping hers on the windowsill.
We are fortunate in this building to have oversized windowsills.
Windowsills big enough for a 21 lb. Texas ManCat with NO "spillage" over the side.
Barbara's flat faces the South, and has sun all day.
Beau didn't need a compass to find the sunpuddle.
I imagined in my mind a most stressed Gentlemancat finally finding a source of warmth and sunshine, stretching out to full length, plant be damned and having a snooze.
His appetite is still good.  I had given Barbara a little 4 oz cup and asked her to place just that amount of kibble in to see if Beau was getting his nutrition in, and she later reported she needed to refill the bowl.
He also utilized the -eh- Gentleman's facilities.
Yes, Mama Barb had poop to scoop.
Another interesting point I will share with you, and that was my perhaps mistaken notion that Beau was strictly a "Lady's Gentleman Cat".
Well, Beau and Barbara's brother Jerome
are "Bro's".
Jerome does a great deal for Barbara in and out of her apartment, he's a Godsend of a brother.
Beau liked that about him.
Even afterwards, while he plays hide and seek with Barbara, the day when Jerome was making room for Beau's kennel (which to my eye is too wide open, and I have plans for) Beau came out and sat just a few feet away from Jerome, watching intently.  When Jerome started a new task, Beau stayed out, watching him.  Finally, Jerome put some food down for Beau, and Beau had a nosh, of course ears in all directions and still cautious.
Jerome is now a fan of Beau's.
I can almost see the two of them "taking in a game" on the weekend, together.

Barbara ( and this is between us ) I think is afraid of my camera, for as long as she had it she didn't capture any pictures.
I did the first night when I went to check on him.
A trunk of arts and crafts supplies under a table is a small favourite hidey-hole of his.
Very Bad angle and too bright a flash, but the best I could do given the spot he's found for now.

Now, Beau has been out and about, the other night (forgive me, the past three days have merged in together, since my Migraine began, so bear with me)
Barbara did say one evening he spent the time out in the open, but not yet jumping on her bed and such.
I've received the package from Aunt Teresa, Peggy McNamara and Oui Oui and family Tuesday.
I will again ask your forgiveness as I am currently having the type of migraine that makes my pillows feel like boulders and every little noise cacophonous.
I do not get them nearly as often as Our ML does, but nevertheless on my own level, they are incapacitating.

It simply means the beans surrounding Beau are  themselves feeling poorly.

This is all I have for you today about Beau.

Would anyone like to know how My Royals are doing??
"Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller?"

I take my responsibility to heart and with every ounce of duty that Beau has been re homed in what I believe is a good mission for him, because his new Lady needs him in so very many ways.

Thank you for your patience, and prayers for Beau.
But of course, that goes without saying.

QM Rose