Wednesday, March 07, 2012

We were Bestowed an Honour Today!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties passed this lovely, thoughtful Award onto Us this morning!
What a  Fun way to start a Near-Spring Day!
Please visit Their Bloggie, as there are two more Honorees to read about!

The Cat Blogosphere has grown by leaps and bounds since the seed was planted in Mom Robyn and Mom ML's head about 6 years ago.
Do you know, the CB OUTDATES the *ahem* Famous
"I Can Has Cheezburger" 
by 2 years?! 
(That gives Us paws to wonder...)

Queen Mum is going out today.
Yes, Outside.
In the Fresh Air.
For Amusement!
(And Stinky Goodness)

Thank you for paying HM Emily a visit on Her Gotcha Day,
and for checking in Our Handsome ManCats!
Emo-Mari has Her day coming-
whether she co-operates or not!

Blessings and Peace!


Monday, March 05, 2012

"Men Cat" Monday

Aunt Teresa sent some goodies to Beau in this bag, and typical of his species, Beau adores the cushy comfy bag!

Sorry for the long hiatus. 
Better it would have been a snowy winter in New Jersey to match the depth of my depression;
seeing as it's been a near record warm winter I feel I Emo'ed my heart out for nothing.

Tomorrow is Emily's Gotcha Day;
or her Bronze Jubilee
Not the same ring as Silver, Gold or Diamond Jubilee, is it?
In the thick fog of Depression, I worked out the day she and her brothers were found in a dumpster behind a mechanic's garage in 20F weather was January 30, 2004.
The V-E-T estimated their age at 12 days.
She's due a Jubilee of whatever kind, because 
like many of us, 
She is a Survivor.
PS: Yes, a Hamper from Fortnums' would be most welcome,
Thank You Kindly.