Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Dearest, Most Loyal Subjects!!

We wanted to take a moment to send Our Greetings to all of you!
We have been in receipt of messages of concern because I have again neglected my Duty to keep this blog current, as to reassure you that We in the Royal House of Myres are well and thriving, and to provide you new photos of the Royals that are the images of vigor and health!
I have a three-day-weekend, and I can assure you, Our Beloved Subjects of the Realm, That We will be posting, beginning Saturday, photographs and Our latest chit-chat. Our Dearest Subjects, We look forward to seeing you again here, on Rose and the Royals Saturday, the 7th October, 2006. We have sorely missed you all!
One more thing before we close with Our Blessing to you for a Good Friday; We are in reciept of e-mail communications that We will answer early this evening.
Once again, Our Humblest Apologies to you, as we meant not to concern you!
Looking forward to Our chat Saturday, We remain,

Her Majesty, Rose, Queen Mother
HM Queen Emily
HRH Princess Marigold and
HRH Prince Brutus