Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello Our Most Loyal Subjects!!

We are back from holiday now. We understand we missed the most horrendous heat wave here in town. In the country, temperatures were most mild. In the evenings, one could comfortably sit fireside at tea!

Well, first thing the Young Royals did upon returning from Myres Castle was to invade the 'fridge, of course. They may be under the impression the 'fridge has gotten smaller, when the fact of the matter is HRH Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold have grown to the point where they need to inspect each shelf individually. Prince Brutus is inspecting the fresh, sleedless grapes Queen Mum had chosen on the way home, while Princess Marigold, who can eat circles around her brother, is more interested in the Pork Chops and Chicken on the lowest shelf. We are to have the Pork Chops today, done as Queen Mum remembers them from her childhood; something called "Shake & Bake" will coat the chops in a tasty pre-seasoned breading, and on the side, our veggies will be fresh steamed carrots and zuccini squash. Cinnamon applesauce will be for dessert! We are most looking forward to dinner!

Today, the weather is quite lovely. The temperature currently is 82 F, with very low humidity. Queen Mum is contimplating a short walk about town.

Well, we hope you will visit our sister site, for a few additional photos. It being the week-end, we thought the 2nd site may offer some amusement on Sunday for you.

We will also try to catch up with some most exciting news among Our Most Beloved Fairy Godmother Deb, She Who Must Be Obeyed; Our Most Honored Lady ML, Fairy Godmother Karen C. and Dr Smith, Veterinarian to the Royal Family. This coming week, we shall explore all the hard work and accomplishments they were busy with during Our holiday!

For now, We thank you for visiting, and have a Most Blessed Weekend!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Huzzah! The Royals are back! Long LIVE THE ROYALS! Love the new pictures! Hmmm...are you sure that the fridge didn't sure looks smaller. Wow, your dinner sounds fantastic. Queen Mum, please don't overdue the walk.

Kisses to all the Royals!

Emma's Kat said...

Yeah, glad to see The Royals back! Brutus is gonna be a big boy! Can't get over how big they've grown!

Hot(M)BC said...

Welcome back! Prince Brutus sure is gettin big. I fink checkin for the chik-hen makes more sense tho.
~~ Sanjee

Anonymous said...

hey little one - you're on the wrong shelf! those thingys is GRAPES an they're not furry tasty. you wanna hop down ta the bottom shelf an poke your claws through the plastic on those packages of MEAT. now that's good eats!

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