Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Day to Everyone!

We had already attempted to post this morning, but it seems Blogger has misplaced Our efforts.

C'est la vie...

Today We would like to respond to Sir Pounce, of the House of Katnippia, who "tagged" HRH Princess Marigold to reveal five puuursonal facts about herself. The Princess had a bit of difficulty choosing only 5, but with the Queen Mother's help, We believe we have five facts that may entertain you all!

Fact #1.

Princess Marigold has quite the refind palate, and especially likes salmon, as prepared by Queen Mum. She and Her brother, HRH Prince Brutus will come to inspect Queen Mum's plate, and being quite amused by their curiosity, QM will carefully take bits of the salmon, cool them, and offer each about 4 bits. We are about to share a confidence with you, as what We are about to reveal may be misinterpreted as unseemly behaviour for a Young Princess. The Princess has a very healthy appetite, and will finish her portion, and go over to her brother's portion and finish his off, as well!

Fact #2.

In keeping with the first fact revealed, Princess Marigold enjoys serving as sous chef to the QM when She is preparing meals, on Cook's half-day off. The Princess will climb the Queen Mum's robes until she can perch on Her shoulder, and will offer advice as to seasoning, side dishes, wine selections and the like. This is a trait that must have been learned in Her time with Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, who is quite the Gourmet Cook! In her youth, the Princess must have enjoyed the aromas from Godmother Deb's kitchen!

Fact #3.

It is well known amongst the Household that the Princess has developed a fine technique of Classic Greco-Roman wrestling! This she learned from Her brother, as He bonded with the Princess from birth, and would play-wrestle with her. Being a petite 4 pounds, she often will "take down" the Prince, who weighs in at 5.7 pounds! At times, the Queen Mum will offer the Princess an unfair advantage by holding the Prince down, but that is rare, only when QM has had a nip too many of Fine Port wine...

Fact #4.

Princess Marigold has a favourite toy amonst the many Our Godmother Deb has made gifts of, and it is one she has had from her very early days; a shiny green mouse which rattles when it is tossed. She also will play happily with the plastic ring that comes from a container of milk. After a time, Queen Mum will toss it into the rubbish bin, to prevent any possibility of ingestion. The Princess will sniff about for it a bit, then move on to an authentic toy, one safe to play with.

Fact #5.

The Princess conducts Herself in a true Royal fashion whilst out in public. Last week, she had occasion to visit the Veterinarian for her shots, and was SO brave, she continued to purr, even whilst the injections were being administered. We were Most Pleased!

In general, Princess Marigold is growing into quite the lovely Royal of Refined Manners and Sensibilities. HM Queen Emily sees to her education to insure a Lovely Adult Princess.

We thank you for visiting with Us today and hope you have a Pleasant week ahead!