Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good Morning, Friends!

We have been having a steady amount of rain since this Saturday past, and visitors to the Court, such as the young fellow spending some time at Our Gates with HRH Queen Emily have not had opportunity to visit Us. He seems a nice enough chap, as We have seen him near Our Terrace before, but he did forget protocol, and proceded, as We understand Young Puurson's present vernacular, to "chill '' with the Queen. Ever the polite Monarch, Queen Emily joined the young visitor in a similar posture, so as not to embarrass Her Most Loyal Subject. They chatted pleasantly for a bit, at which time, Our Young Subject excused himself and, bowing to the Queen, made his way elsewhere. The Queen finds all manner of God's Species quite entertaining!

The Queen Mum was quite upset over the matter of the Veterinarian's office policy where the Young Royals had gone to last Thursday for their injections. They are now required to forward the Young Royal's medical record to the Queen Mum, as she Was Not Amused by the conduct of the office staff. Well, these records have yet to arrive. In the meantime, an appointment was made at Our New Veterinarian's offices for this coming Thursday, August 31st for The Procedures each of the Young Royals must undergo. It is their duty to represent Responsible
Behaviours within Royal as we as Non-Royal Households regarding the health, safety and well-being of Young Ones of both species. HRH Prince Brutus is due to have his Hoo-Ha-ectomy, and HRH Princess Marigold, her Ladigardenectomy. What was not made clear to Us, was that the pre-procedure exam could be made on the same day as the procedures. When Queen Mum called to confirm the appointment and pre-operative preparations (she remembered the pre-operative ritual from when The Queen bravely went in for her ladigardenectomy 2 years back, but wanted to verify all was the same), the young lady informed Us that the actual procedures were not scheduled, but this time, QM recieved a POSITIVE date of Thursday, September 14th.
They will have their food and water removed at 12am midnight, and be taken to hospital by 10am Thursday morning, and have their procedures during Surgery Hours Midday. QM was informed that Prince Brutus would be able to return home that evening, but the Doctor recommended the Princess stay overnight. Queen Mum was stunned by the prospect of the two Young Royals being separated even for one night, as they have never, from birth, been separated. The kindly young woman must have sensed this, and quickly offered, "Oh, the Prince may stay with the Princess overnight, and they both may return home Friday morning!"
At that kindness, QM was able to exhale and thank the young woman for her kindness. QM plans to have their favourite blankie tucked into the recovery chambers for the two Young Royals as they overnight in Hospital.
The Queen Mother will be most pleased when this responsibility and duty of the Family is finally n the past. For some bewildering reason, it seems the simplest communications and efforts have been presenting quite upsetting news and needing looking after these past 2 weeks. QM has a theory...would you like to share in it? She feels that the humble Planet Pluto is quite irate at the demotion by those who have been reared to regard him as a planet due the respect that all planets are due. They, in fact, stole Pluto's dignity, and it must saddle him with great sadness and loss to think schoolchildren everywhere will think him less than the planet, an Honour to which he has become accustomed. We here, at the Royal House of Myres are quite distressed, as Pluto was the Queen Mum's favourite of all planets. What say you all?

Whilst it seems the Blogger has not a case of indigestion at the moment, we will attempt to post while we have the opportunity! Queen Mum has plenty of return visits to pay today and tomorrow.

We do ask that you please keep Luna in your puuayers, as of last word, she still is lost in that frightful forest. Also, please join the memorial to Trixie Meezer, a most Noble Lady who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday Morning. If you would be so kind, please consult Our Friend's site, www.Kat' for information regarding a Memorial Service in Trixie's Honour.

Thank you all for visting, as always! Have a blessed day!


Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

OOH, that's it! It's Pluto, throwing a (excuse me) Royal Hissy Fit. It does seem to have upset the atmosphere, the Humans, and all the Royal Beasts.

What a pain your V-E-T-S are being!! I am off to do errands, including the monthly Offering of All Things Royal for TRH, and you, Ma'am. They should help quiet the nerves of The Queens whilst the Young Royals are Away for the night.

Please have a Blessed Day, and offer appropriate tummy kisses and pats!

Anonymous said...

that's way too many visits ta the evil V-E-T! when we was tortured wif all that, they checked us in furrst thing in the morning, then we had all our shots an got fixed all at the same time an then went home that evening. why does yur V-E-T insist on repeated torture? is he/she pissed off 'bout Pluto too?

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

As usual, the pictures of the Royals are wonderful! I finally got to use a computer. While I still don't have cable connection, once in a while I will visit Starbucks and use the computer there. Please give the Royals kisses from me! Love you!

Cecilia said...

Good luck with your procedures. Hope all goes well.

caspersmom said...

I say PLUTO IS A PLANET, no matter what any one else says. They don't know what they are talking about. They just want attention.

Queen Mum did the right thing going to a new V-E-T. It is nice they are going to let Brutus and Marigold bunk together with their blankie. I also think it's a lot nicer for them to stay overnight then coming home the same day. I would have liked that when Cleo had her surgery done.

Queen Emily, hope you had a nice visit with the visitor you had.

katnippia said...

I do belivez the planet pluto is upset that they took his Planet title away. I was very upset when I read the news online.
Sorry, that your first VET was mean and wanted to do multi trips for torture. At least you have a very nice new VET now.

Kim said...

QM, if I may. Your new Vet is very good to sense that the Royals must stay together. I have taken care of the paparazzi and you should have a safe excursion to and from the Vet. Also, The Queen shall be happy to know that she will indeed get a mini vacation while her children are away at "Camp." I hope that all goes well. Let me know if I've left anything out.

Thank you, your humble servant as always.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

QM Rose, I do believe you have hit on the very cause of many recent problems. Poor pluto. I have been extremely upset about Pluto's glorious status being revoked. And who did this???? I still don't know.

Hopefully the V-E-T situation will be resolved soon. How nice of the understanding lady to allow the young royals to recup together. It would be tragic for them to have to spend a night apart.

Well, back to writing the article.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

My Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face have bin very upset abowt Pluto. The Food Lady is going to continyoo acting like it IS a planit. They have a Celestron Skyscout, wich still lists Pluto as a planit and now the Food Lady duzn't want to update the database becuz Pluto won't be a planit inside her Celestron SkyScout anymore. And she's sumthing calld a Scorpio, so now she's thinks her horrorskope will be all mest up.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

A hoo-ha ectomy & a Pluto-ectomy. this is just distressing. Time for another nap!

Marilynn said...

Brutus can be assured that his brothers will follow suit in having their hoo-ha-ectomies soon. The surgeries are scheduled for this Friday, so everyone will be "in the same boat" after that, we can all be assured. I haven't the faintest clue how I'm going to restrict these guys' activities after they come home. It's just beyond me! Maybe I'll have to separate them for a few days. Poor li'l babies. But it's all for a good cause -- responsibility.