Sunday, October 02, 2011

~~~Beau 'Et Some!!~~~


Beau has a good apptite!

Last night my phone rang at nearly 10 pm.  I saw "Barbara n Beau" on my caller ID and my heart lept into my throat.
It didn't get to ring a second time.
I feared for both of them, to be honest.
But the fears were unfounded, as Barbara simply called me to let me know, as I had asked her to, when Beau came out in the open to eat and more importantly at this stage, to drink water.

Late afternoon Barbara needed to take a pain medication, and went to lie down.
Now if you read the update from the last post,
Beau had given up his sanctuary under Mama Barb's bed, and came out to sit under her TV in the living room.
He also began to "talk" with her!
She had been speaking to Beau since his arrival, in her soft way, and joked she hoped her neighbor didn't think she was talking to herself!
Well, the medication did it's job, and her pain lifted enough for her to drift into sleep.
As she slowly woke, she heard  " 'sp 'sp 'sp" and looked down to her right, where her brother had cleared a special corner all Beau's, and he was drinking water!
Before she went to lie down, she "spoke" to Beau, still by the TV at that point, and asked if he wanted some of his special treat-chicken baby food.
I know Barbara was probably eager to feed "her son" from a baby food jar, and as she opened the jar, Beau's head lifted and he mewed at her.
She told him to "come and get it", then climbed into bed.
She was so pleased to see him out in the open!
She said he seemed to startle when she said his name, as if he wanted to bolt for cover, then apparently changed his mind, and finished his drink.
But she wanted me to come over to check on him, because she felt he may have had a seizure.
I assured her he was vetted and is good health, but wanted to check things out anyway. I also remembered to take my camera over to her, now that Beau is in a more "Walkabout" mood.
I saw leftover baby food, and asked how long it had been there, and advised her to do as I do with the Royals, what they don't finish of wet food in 2-3 hours to take it up and toss it away.
But I wondered aloud if he had eaten any of it.
She said "Oh, he 'et some! That's his second helping!"
I think today is Stinky Goodness day, broaden his palate for other "chicken dishes"!
The one photo I did snap of him is still on the camera, and I as Barbara was "admiring" my camera, I said "I want it back, you know - with lots of pictures!"
Hopefully, by Tuesday we will have some to post.
When Barbara said  " 'et some", it reminded me of how Southerners pronounce the past tense of "ate" differently than us Northerners.  Barbara's family are originally from Missouri, but this is the first time I ever detected a regional dialect in Barbara's voice.
Hmmmm...a bit over 24 hours and already she's picking up Beau's accent!

In the absense of a photo of "my Nephew", I'd like to show you Brutus' new favourtie snuggle spot.
Walmart does a nice mail-order business, I haven't been disappointed yet.
However, they DO love to package things - individually, with plenty of packing material!
The litter pan I ordered for Beau came alone, in a pretty good sized box.
Well, have a look!

There's enough box there for TWO 21 lb. Texas Man Cats!

Emily tries it on for size, but generally gets evicted in no uncertain terms!

So, things are moving along, and Barbara thanks everyone for helping her find her forever cat.

Have a Lovely Sunday!

Grilled Chicken, his favourite protein!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so pleased to hear that Beau is settling in and eating well.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Island Cats said...

It sounds like Beau is gonna do well in his new home. Barbara is taking good care of him!

Laila and Minchie said...

Sounds like things are progressing well over there! Beau and Mom Barbara will be so good for each other.

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Thanks for the update on Beau. He sure is in a wonderful loving home and will certainly get the bestest of the best care.
Have fun enjoying your lazy day in your nice box. Aren't they just the greatest things!?

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Awwww ... we are glad Beau is settling in nicely. xx

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Rose thank you so much for taking the time to do these updates. It means so much for me to read them. Bless your heart, what a friend you are to Barbara and now to Beau. "Barbara n Beau" on the id....that's great!
Cathy was a dear friend of mine, we spoke often over the phone and I know of her struggles health-wise, and I think it is entirely possible Beau recognizes that Barb has health problems too, knows the situation and is responding to it as he did with Mom Cathy. I think he knows he has a new mission in life and will take good care of Mom Barbara. I also truly believe Cathy is guiding him, telling him all will be well. She was so attached and dependent on him and that kind of tie remains. She told me 8 days before she died that Beau must go to a loving home, and that has truly happened!
He sure knows the sound of the baby food jar, doesn't he!!! That's terrific! Thank you!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're very pleased Beau has been eating and drinking! He's doing well, considering all the changes in his life recently. :-)

BTW, when the mom saw "'Et" she thought at first you were trying to write "et," French for "and." With an abbreviation for some reason. LOL. You can tell we're all Canadian here.

Anonymous said...

Such great, great news!!! I love reading the part where she has Barbara & Beau on her caller ID! That's so much like Cathy, too. As some of you know, her voicemail listed both as well. Please tell Barbara that I said a special prayer for her health last night & that I will continue sending special prayers her way. Please update us concerning her appt. results Monday. P.S. I loved seeing your box photo, too! Much love to all, Aunt T. P.S.S. God and Cathy are DEFINITELY watching over the two - without doubt!!!

The Meezers or Billy said...

we are happy dancing for joy that Beau 'et his brekkies!!! way to go Beau!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Looks like Beau is home, and knows it.

TK and Squashies said...

We are so glad to hear that Beau is coming along. We can't wait to see what happens next!
God Bless you, for helping Beau and for helping Barbara in the same motion.

Eric and Flynn said...

We are very happy that Beau is settling in well in his new Forever Home. Looks like everything is going to work out well for both of them.
Seems like "et" must be internationally pronounced that way in the south. We live in SW England and our Beans pronounce it like that as well.

GreatGranny said...

Thanks for the update. I smiled when I saw the word 'et. I'm Southern too. I'm glad Beau is settling in. Love your fur babies in the big box.
I wish Barbara blessings and that her pain goes away.

Cory said...

I think my comment disappeared! We are purring at the thought of Beau settling in and eating his goodies! We to love grilled chicken Fancy Feast and ate about 5 cans of it this morning. Yum!


Cory and family

Father Tom said...

Beau is settling in, talking, drinking..he's making himself right at home and that's such good news.

Hugs and happy thoughts going out to you all.

Tom & Julie

Forty Paws said...

We are so happy that Beau is settling in so well! And eating too!

Luf, Uf

Marg said...

WE want to thank you so much for these wonderful updates on Beau. He probably is just exhausted and also confused. Glad to hear he is coming out now. They are going to make a great pair. Can't wait to see pictures. Thanks again

ML said...

What a wonderful, detailed update on Beau.
Barbara and Beau are a match made in Heaven.
Cathy loved Beau so much, love like that doesn't die.
You can feel her presence, gently guiding Beau to his new home.
Love that Barbara changed her phone ID to reflect Beau living with her, that is precious.
Love & Purrs,
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
Brutus Jr.
Mom ML

Pee ess: BJ and Sol said to tell you they'd be right over to help fill up the box with Texas mancat.

meowmeowmans said...

We are so happy to hear that Beau and Barbara are doing well. Continued purrs and prayers!

Tina T-P said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! It sounds like Beau and his new mamma are going to do fine. T.

GTnCo said...

oh this is such good news for Beau and Barbara! we are happy to see he is starting to adjust to his new home.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

We can't wait to see pictures of Beau with his new Mom Barbara, and we are glad he seems to be settling in to his new furever home without too much stress. Please give Beau and Mom Barbara our love, and we are sending you our love also!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan too

ABBY said...

WE are all so happy to know Beau is settling in nicely with his new Mom and into his new home and routine. Thank you for your updates we are purring very hard for Beau.

MoMo said...

Good to hear that Beau is settling well and eating in his new loving home.

Thanks to you and mom Barbara for getting him settled after the traumatic time that he has had recently.

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Good to know he is eating and drinking well.

Ginger Jasper said...

I asm so glad that the gentle one is fiting in and also beginning to settle. Great news. Love the box pics.. HUgs GJ xx

The Meezers or Billy said...

just checking back for an update on mine bestest furriend Beau

The Lee County Clowder said...

errrr, any noos??

Purrrrrring that Beau, Mom Barbara, and all the Royals are still hanging in there, and are just busy.

Sweet Purrfections said...

I've just now had the opportunity to catch up on the news on Beau. I hope things continue to go well with Beau and Mom Barbara.

Mom Paula and Truffle

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Just checking in for an update.
How's it all going?
Barbara? When's the surgery?
Beau? Will he be alone very long? Will Rose check in on him?

Anonymous said...

Have already said prayers and will continue doing so - and this is about Barbara - not Beau. I know she's worried about her health, & I wish her the best. Figured surgery was coming when I didn't see anything for two days & knew you planned to post. It's okay. It will all work out! Know that I'm thinking of you ALL. And again, give Barbara my best & let her know prayers are coming TO HER. Love, Aunt T.

Anonymous said...

Royals! Could you please let us know how Beau is? It's been almost a week - and a tough one for him and his new Mom at that. Any chance of an update?
Marian in Houston