Monday, October 24, 2011

A Note of Thanks

With your generous help in playing/bidding in the Auction,
outright donations of Feliway and
green papers,
Beau will remain comforable for quite some time to come,
have whatever veterinary needs he may have met
and with any luck,
be sharing toys with The Royals by Christmas.

My Big Red Asthmatic ManCat will get his V-E-T visit
(set for Nov. 2nd now, but on a cancellation list).

I would like also to apologise for being outright tetchy
over the weekend.
As days grow shorter, and September ends,
a series of traumatic "Anniversaries"
begin their yearly Hauntings.
Animals have been my fuzzy therapists through these times.
And what bit of what I try to pass off as a sense of humor in writing, as well.

Old wounds were opened, something nearly none of you could have known about, this past weekend.
I appreciate tips, links, suggestions
as I do believe, with an open mind I could learn something or a few things everyday.
Thank you.