Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 24, 2009 - The Royal's Third "Gotcha Day" Anniversary!

Good Day, Friends and Fuzzbutts All!

We have been sadly remiss in Our Blogging. To be sure, We have been proportionately Guilty as all hell, but still remiss. So today, Sunday, June 26th, We shall give you the Cliff Notes version of Our Lives in Duurrty Jersey since last We wrote.

HRH Prince Brutus, (or He Who Worships Liza Minnelli *all Heads Bow*), had a recent visit, (as recent as this past Friday) to the Dreaded and Vile V-E-T. Now, being a pure Texican at heart, Brutus had other 'joocier' words for his nemesis, but Being Royal,
He thus held his tongue. As a matter of fact, with all the Bravado and Hostility HRH presented in the Dreaded Lair of the V-E-T's office, this infidel daring to call himself a healer of all things Fuzz walked in to 'That Room". (y'all know That Room...the one in which villanous and unspeakable deeds are done upon even the most Royal of Fuzzbutts) Brutus The Brave Hearted Texan Royal gave a display that would remind One of a WWF Champion: A Show of Sheer Disgust and Hatred for the man who took The Royal Jewels from him. At this display of just who was Royal, the poor excuse of a hooman muttred, "oh, great" and promptly backed out of the room. "Aha! Victory is Ours", thought The Royal Prince, only to be foiled in the bat of a canary's eye - The Man in Dark Navy returned and in a lightening quick move injected Our Brave Prince with what he called a "sedative". We were horror stricken when Brutus went through "sedated" to practically having one paw on "the Bridge".

Brutus has Bronchitis and Asthma. The V-E-T declared that Brutus was in "very serious" condition. Now, this is something he presented with about 2 years ago. While last year he sailed through allergy season with nary a sniffle, this past June had a kind of Rain only a clinically Depressed New Jersey could produce. One weather prognosticator pointed out that it had rained 24 out of 30 days. And not just drizzle. Pouring-down-bring-your-shower-gel-out-with-you-and-save-the-Scrubbing-Bubbles kind of rain. So mold and mildew hung heavy in The Royal Household, to be sure. I couldn't see it, but I felt it as well.
Brutus was given a shot of Depo-Medrol, and at the insistance of Stacey Walder, (one of the God Sent Angels who responded to a panicked phone call I placed to Coalition for Animals in Somerville, NJ) she asked the V-E-T for a "full work-up - blood panel, X-rays, and a microchip". She saw I wasn't going to open my mouth and ask for the things she coached me to say, since it wasn't my wallet that contained the funds to pay for all this, so she stepped up to the plate for Brutus. She also expressed distaste for the cardboard kennel I've used since Emily (HM Queen Emily-and-don't-you-forget-it-I'm-from-Dunellen) was a an 18 oz. kitten. She brought along a real kennel, large enough for Brutus to sit up and turn around in, all 17 pounds, 4 oz of him. Feeling Grotty or not, Brutus' appetite remains robust, to be sure. A Tittie-Kittie to the Bitter End! (Which We hope will be VERY LONG in coming!) Her Most Loyal Lady Stacey the Vegan and Foster Mum to Felines gifted His Royal Highness with this lovely used but well-constructed carrier. We did not get the microchip, alas. It was the afternoon of the Sabbath, and Doctor needed to close, after all. Stacey was told "we don't do that here" by the Vet Tech.
I began Thursday night to seek an entity that would allow me a payment plan to give Brutus the care he desperately needed. Calls to many vets (nearly all within 20 miles, actually) would not see him without cash up front. I stated this when Stacey met us in the waiting room, and she said "we'll take care of that later" Before leaving us. I asked for her address so I could send her $25.00 a month with interest for the $487.00 she put out. She said, not to worry, one day it will be my turn. Many people under the Umbrella of Coalition for Animals e-mailed and called with offers of help in many ways, and all want to be kept abreast of Brutus' progress.
Last night, Brutus began to cough again. Just once, but it alarmed me. Then just now, as I was writing this, he coughed again. This "Doctor G" has changed. He's not the caring let-me-call-to-follow-up-on-my-patients kind of Vet he was just 3 years ago. I attempted to call the office to get a message through to him. He has a new answering service that must be staffed by pit-bull hybrids. They insisted they are under orders to refer all calls to an emergency clinic. Well, I'm pleased and proud to report Her Aged Queen Mum grew a pair, and I just got off the phone with the answering service. I behaved like the biggest baddest pain-in-the-ass client I could remember from my days in customer service, and told the little runt that I would find out the name of her "service" and have my attorney (I DO have one, irl!! For a reason left for another entry) proceed with every legal action available if my cat should die of the condition the Doctor HIMSELF requested I contact him should it return. She said she would call the doctor and give him the message and it would be up to him to call back today, otherwise we wait until tomorrow. So, Stay Tuned, folks. I'll update on this situation with any news.

Her Fussy Highness, Princess Marigold, the Princess Emo has finally stopped hissing and growling at her poor bro for his misadventure at the V-E-T's office. Brutus gave himself a thorough bath and I guess smells more like himself now. Emily, however is a sassy old bird ( ugh, did I really refer to Her Majesty as one of the fev-ver friends that she so desperately wants sauteed in French Country Butter, a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shallots, topped with herbs de provence and served over a bed of wild rice and avian organ meat??? ~Ahem~)

I want to thank everyone who keeps Brutus, and all the Royals in their Purrayers. The Power of Faith is essential for every bean of Gods to heal, body and soul.

Again, We will keep you updated on His Boa-Loving self as the next few days go on.

Have a lovely week, and thanks for visiting!

Forty Minutes after the unfortunate - but too true threat - I had to make to the aforementioned answering service, Dr. G CALLED BACK!!! I told him Brutus' condition, and THE OFFICE IS OPEN TODAY from 9:00 to 12:00. Instead of walking over to the office, I asked him to call it in to my pharmacy, since I have scrips of my own to fetch, AND HE IS DOING JUST THAT!!
So much for having Chutzpa!!


Anonymous said...

Has it really been three years??? We hope that HRH Prince Brutus is feeling tip-top very soon, and that Your Majesty and The Royals will rejoin the Blogosphere. We all miss you--and some of us are too lazy to find you without Mr. Linkie.

I know that you have moved at least once since we were in touch last, so would you please send me your new snail mail to jfmulwitzATyahooDOTcom? I have gotcha presents for the kittens(??!), and of course, something for HM The Queen as well.

With love and hisses from us all, I remain,
Your Majesty's most humble servant,
Mumma Jan (and Meepsie and Smokey)

ML said...

Hope Brutus is feeling better today.
My BJ, who of course is named for Brutus (Brutus Junior), has been very concerned.
Love & Purrs,
ML & KC and all the Sherwood Bunch

Marilynn said...

I'm so glad you found someone to help you get Brutus in to see a v-e-t! (shhhhhh ... don't say the word!) I happened to see your tweet, but then when I went back to Twitter, I had lost it. (Gotta get rid of some of those not-worth-following folks!)

It sounds as if Brutus and Audace react the the v-e-t identically! Hissing and growling and not at all polite! One of these days, I'll have to take Audace and Ruse to get them updated on shots, etc. But they'll go separately -- the cost for two or three at once is just too-too-too... Gracie, however, just loves anyone who'll pay her some attention. The v-e-t had a problem listening to her heart the other day because of all the purring going on!! Funny girl.

We'll keep purring and praying for Brutus. Get well, big boy!


Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

We is purrin' fur youz sick kitty. Uhm, we hate ta men-shun it but maybe a little diet would be in order ta help wif da breathing?

Marilynn said...

A diet ... hmmm. I've tried to put Mommy Grace on a diet, and all that happens is that Ruse loses weight! Audace stays the same.

I think Audace must be almost the same size as Brutus -- BIG boys! I'll find out for sure when he has his check-up next month.

Karen Jo said...

Chutzpah certainly has its uses. Congratulations on getting Brutus his medicine. I hope and pray that he will get better very soon. Congratulations on your third Gotcha Day Anniversary.