Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Della needs an upgrade...STAT!

Hello Friends and Foe...(Foes?)

I have been bad. Very Bad.

I have been asking Della - my trusty PC - to do more than what Her Makers intended for her. Hence, I'm having a hell of a time uploading pictures anymore. I have Kodak software, and it's always been a battle with it. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it, to the same end. Do you think the fact I have close to 2,800 pictures, videos and audio files saved (on 512MB) has anything to do with it? (Okay, I.T., I HEARD THAT!!)

The most recent scare came when I was trying to insert the USB cable...I got an error message something to the effect that I "just went and fried the USB port and I will suffer a long and painful death, if the Universe has anything to say about it".
I'm afraid. I'm VERY afraid.

My action plan is as follows: Since there is an open port left, I would like to buy another 512MB drive, have it installed or call Ask-A-Geek and find out where I get the doo-hickey that unscrews the screw-like things on the back of the whats-it and hope I don't effectively cause Della to flatline. We'll see. This is probably a procedure best left to professionals.

In the mean time, I give you a photo or two of The Royals, as all three make me feel another year older.

Peace Out!


Grace and Company said...

What magnificent photos of your babies! I'm making prints for Grace -- so she can remember all four, not just the two who torment her here!!

Gorgeous babies!


KritterKondo said...

We love your blog!
Adorable kitties, and the colors and photos are superb! Good information, it was fun to be here.

Madi & Abi
Kritter Kommunity

Karen Jo said...

Have you considered getting a zip drive for your photos? You can load them up on removable discs, like really big floppys, and then store them, getting out the ones you need when you need them. Good luck on solving your computer problems. I heard that Brutus wasn't doing well and came over to hope and pray that he gets well soon.