Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Day, All!!

Thank you for visiting Us today, and on such a sweltering day at that! As we write, the temperature is 100 F, and with the humidity factored in, it feels like 110 F!! Way too hot to ask Cook to fire up the kitchen range, so we sent out for a pizza. We chose a Chicken Fajita Pizza from Poppa John's, as you can see. Princess Marigold likes her pizza spicy, so she is examining the spice packets that came along with the pizza. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of Organic Catnip, the Queen's favourite. We understand a fresh shipment will be delivered momentarily! We thank or Most Favoured Servant, ML, for the gift of the catnip!

Queen Mum is expecting a mystery parcel to be delivered by a nice young man wearing brown shorts at any moment, now! We So love suprises! It's like Christmas in July!!

Please do excuse us while we wait expectantly by the door for this nice young man...Queen Mum is seriously considering asking the nice young man wearing brown shorts if he would pose for a photo holding the parcel, but doesn't want to appear affected by the heat. However, the temptation is strong, and Queen Mum's resolve is weak, alas...

We will chat again very soon! Have a most Blessed Day!


Zeus said...

I want pizza now, and I don't even like pizza.

Human pet? Pizza Hut! STAT!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What great pictures. Brutus is such a rascal. I can almost smell that pizza! I'm with Zeus, Human daughter? Pizza NOW!

Kisses to the Royals!

Love you Rose.

uderhood said...

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