Tuesday, May 01, 2012

So Very Sad...

A photo taken just 2 days ago...

Beau's Veterinarian just called with a diagnosis no one wants to hear.
Indicators in Beau's blood-work point towards a cancer, although without imaging studies, she can't be too specific.
I need to talk to my best friend about this, and I will let you know right away if we may want to look into it further, to confirm what type of cancer he has, or if we will be offering him the best palliative care we can provide.

I've had to help many critters to The Bridge, but it's admittedly been a while.
I know, they tell you when it's time.
And I will respect Beau's wishes, when that time comes.

My tears sting strongly, just the same.

I placed a chair so Beau cold climb down safely.  Brutus took it as a chance to Chillax wi' his Bro'.