Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wildfires of Texas

I read one person's account early last week, describing what my mind can't really comprehend: she described how she witnessed  horses, burning alive and fruitlessly trying to run for safety.
Human lives are in danger, one Firefighter has already died in the line of duty.
I have to admit, this seemed somewhat abstract at first.  Huge hundred acre ranches burning as the families watched.  Ranches far from any recognizable towns I had  heard of, is now becoming closer to "home" to me.  The latest reports I have heard is the fires are now approaching the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
No, this Metropolitan Area may not be in imminent danger, but without having more than an inch of rain in many months, it seems nothing is corrently in sights to control this Killer Wildfire.

This is why We All need to keep the State of Texas close to our thoughts and prayers. This is where so many of God's Creatures live peacefully and in harmony with the land - until Nature somehow miscalculates, and creates lethal conditions.

Please remember to join in and pray for All God's Creatures who may be in the path of this raging fire, and pray that it ceases to exist soon, so that in time, the scorched Earth can be replaced with Bright, Sweet Grass.

Blessings and Peace,

& Rose


ML said...

Yes, thanks for posting about Texas.
We are in a real drought down here.
I believe all over the State... while everyone else gets the thunderstorm warnings, we get fire warnings.
I love your weather gadget, next time I'm up, I'm grabbing one of those for my blog. Really cool.

HoundDogMom said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and giving me lots of words of encouragement. I need them because I am such a chicken butt. BOL

Our Mom is keeping very close taps on the fires in Texas, very scary. We have family in Crystal Beach, Houston and San Antonio.

When you get moved up to our neck of the woods and are ready for a rescue hound. Let us know because we will hook you up with Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. We do lots of volunteer work with them and actually tomorrow Mom is doing a transport for them. Molly is going to her fur-ever home.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Amiee, Cleo and Winston

fambly kittens said...

Everyone in the great state of Texas is kept close to our ♥s in thought and PURRayer.

zoolatry said...

Wonderful words and thoughts Rose...

caspersmom said...

It is so sad how many are suffering through the wild fires of Texas. Being in California, we have gotten our share of wild fires. Our govenor has stated that our drought is over since we got quite a big of rain in January through March. Yes, Emily has a sweet mouth just like Patches and she does resemble her. We do want to thank you very much for your Sympathies and love sent to Patches, it was greatly appreciated. We do miss her, especially Mom.