Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Special Mother Earth Day Notice!! Thinking Green for Our Furry Family Members

While visiting  K.C. at The Cat Blogosphere, We read an update from Hansel that there was a contest being held by CLEAN+GREEN, a company that specializes in Green Cleaning products to aid in the pleasant cohabitation We so treasure with Our Furchildren. 
Queen Mum is most interested in their product Furniture Refresher.  Last December, when we were presented with a lovely gift from the Parish of St. Cecelia Catholic Church in Iselin, NJ, HM Queen Emily felt the need to, well, present Her Graces upon the lovely Queen Anne Sofa. Queen Mum has tried to correct this - erm - overexuberance displayed by HM, with a tried, true and eco-friendly mixture of water, vinegar and essential oils. Whilst masking the distinctive scent of HM for a short time, it has proven alas, ineffective over time.
The Queen Mum is keen on trying CLEAN+GREEN's Furniture Refresher, that She felt you, Our Most Valued Blessing ~ Our friends, may like to go to their website and, while the contest has been kindly extended, take advantage of the Sport offered!

We hope we may have provided a service to Our Beloved Realm!

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Marilynn said...

Good idea. Thanks! Grace and boys haven't ever done anything like that although coughing up furballs and undigested food on my CARPETS occurs once in a while. What I need is to get Stanley Steemer or someone like that in here!! I'm sure they're not "green" but at this point, I really don't care! Then, if I can find a good sale, I'm going to get a "splat mat" of many colors (an area rug) to put over the carpet where most of the messes are made. This is like having little kids in the house, all over again!!